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Henry Schein Dental Surgical Solutions unveils the iSy implant system

This latest-generation implant system is intelligent, lean and simple. iSy has a compact system design, offering you a unique workflow advantage. You will benefit from unsurpassed cost efficiency in each of your implant cases, backed by proven CAMLOG quality.

The unique implant sets and lean componentry allow for total flexibility. With iSy, you have the freedom to choose digital, conventional or combined workflow treatments. Experience a new level of efficiency with the iSy system.

iSy is truly easy. Every implant set contains the components you need to complete an entire case. The iSy dental implants were designed with the needs of your patients and practice in mind. Implement iSy in your next case and discover how total flexibility can revolutionize your practice.

You can choose to restore your case with the included implant base in either a digital or conventional treatment workflow. If you prefer using conventional methods, you can complete your case with prefabricated components or CAD/CAM options. iSy includes treatment flexibility in every package for your benefit and your patients.

The core workflows for implant practices are: digital, conventional and combined.

1. Digital: A digital treatment workflow can be done with or without the implant base. Transgingival healing provides easy access to the final abutment and allows for optimal hard- and soft-tissue healing. When ready for impression, the multi-functional cap offers you the ability to use an intra-oral impression scanner. The customized final restoration can be affixed to the implant base and delivered with minimal effort.

2. Conventional: A conventional treatment workflow can be done with or without the implant base. Submerged healing allows for undisturbed integration throughout the healing process. A gingiva former will sculpt the soft tissues. When ready for impressions, open or closed tray impression copings are available. The final restoration is completed using pre-made abutments with a traditional PFM crown.

3. Combined: The flexibility of iSy is showcased with this final example. Conventional and digital treatment workflows can be combined to provide a customized final result. The pre-mounted implant base with a multifunctional cap is used to take a traditional impression. The dental lab will scan the iSy scan post within an implant analog or scan the implant base using the second multifunctional cap.

The final result will be a customized restoration made iSy and designed to create satisfied patients.

Designed to provide a smoother treatment experience, the iSy system has “simple” built right in to it.

iSy is a high-quality implant system made by CAMLOG. The system was developed in Switzerland and is manufactured in Germany. The cornerstone of CAMLOG is its attention to detail, sustainability and the quality development of its products.

Henry Schein is the exclusive distributor of the iSy system and has a team of highly trained surgical sales consultants to serve as your partner in integrating iSy into your practice.


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