Odne to bring Root Preservation Therapy platform to US marke

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Odne to bring Root Preservation Therapy platform to US market

Odne’s technology platform for root canal debridement and obturation, including a hydrodynamic cavitation device that uses saline as the main debridement medium and OdneFill, a light-polymerised highly flowable obturation material cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration. (Image: Odne)
Dental Tribune International

Dental Tribune International

Fri. 22 March 2024


DÜBENDORF, Switzerland: Odne, a Swiss dental start-up and upcoming innovator in endodontic treatments, recently received a funding boost and is set to enter the US market with its innovative Root Preservation Therapy (RPT) platform. Odne’s RPT workflow employs three new medical devices for minimally invasive root canal cleaning, obturation and light polymerisation.

“With over 15 million root canal treatments per year, the US is the biggest market worldwide and our No. 1 focus,” stated Dr Andreas Schmocker, CEO and co-founder of Odne, in a press release. He went on to say that the company is therefore currently offering a priority access programme to extend the use of its products with selected US key opinion leaders. “At the annual meeting of the American Association of Endodontists in April, in Los Angeles, we will introduce the Odne RPT workflow solution to the endodontic community,” he said.

“Together with all investors, Revere Partners is proud to elevate Odne’s RPT workflow for the benefit of patients, endodontists and the referring general dentists,” said Dr Jeremy Krell, managing partner at Revere Partners, an independent venture fund that invests in the oral and systemic healthcare industry.

To serve the US endodontic specialist market, Odne has recently founded a US subsidiary. The Odne team is evolving, incorporating experienced and well-connected dental experts, building training, service, marketing and sales.

More information about the company’s products can be found at odne.co.

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