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Logic rotary system offers advantages in patency, sharpness and more

The 01 taper dental file. (Photo: Provided by Bessi)
Henrique Bassi, DDS

Henrique Bassi, DDS

Tue. 16 April 2024


There are many NiTi rotary systems in the market. Since almost 100 percent of the companies are using the same type of machine, everyone is producing a lot of different products with the same features (Martins et al, 2021). Nothing is truly new!

Logic rotary system has unique features that offer doctors several advantages (Só et al, 2023). Starting from patency, we encourage you to try rotary patency before using regular K #0.08 and #0.10 SS files! According to internal tests and doctor feedback, in 85 percent of molars, we can use only rotary to reach patency and establish a glide path. Under the clinician's point of view, this is a huge time-saver.

Unlike all other glide path files on the market, our 01 taper can negotiate 85 percent of molars without the pre-enlargement step. This means that an orifice shaper is no longer necessary. Because of its taper, this file does not become engaged in the average molar canal anatomy and negotiates the foramen in a safer manner. Its four-helix design provides the necessary strength to make this step very safe and fast (Alcalde et al, 2018).

Once the 01 glide path size establishes patency, this file also determines the use of the second file to complete your root canal preparation. This way, if the #25/01 is the choice for the glide path, the choice for the shaping file should be #25/03 or #25/05 (Pinheiro et al, 2018).

If the glide path choice is #0.30, the shape size choice is also #0.30 and so on. The Logic shape files (taper 03 and 05) also have a unique double-helix cross section and large flute distances to optimize debris removal (Pinto et al, 2021).

Combining design and sizes, we add a very unique heat treatment that allows the files to stay sharp by the end of the grinding process. There is much more to learn about Bassi Logic files. Check the manufacturer’s website (, or contact me for more information.


Editorial note:


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