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‘There is not one case in my office that I do not use my microscope’

Dr. Josh Todd. (Photo: Provided by Seiler Medical)

Tue. 16 April 2024


Dr. Josh Todd is a dual board-certified general dentist and endodontist in Pensacola, Fla. Dental Tribune US sat down with him to get his thoughts on the Seiler Dental Alpha Air Microscope.

Dr. Todd, can you tell us what initially led you to choose the Seiler Dental Alpha Air Microscope for your practice?

When I was looking to start my practice in 2020, I explored all the options that were available to me. I considered the decision about which microscope I was going to use in my practice as one of the more clinically important decisions that I was going to make. Our microscopes are used every day for every case that we do. So I did not make this choice lightly and spoke with multiple different companies. But I settled on the Seiler Alpha Air because its overall footprint was small with great optics and the light intensity was excellent. The different levels of magnification have allowed me to make all the necessary adjustments during treatment so that I can see all the necessary details.

Could you describe the specific dental surgeries or procedures where the Seiler microscope has been particularly beneficial?

There is not one case in my office that I do not use my microscope. I use it for every nonsurgical root canal treatment, retreatment cases and apical surgery. I feel that my practice is made easier by the high-quality microscopes that Seiler has installed in my office. There has not been one case where I have thought, “I wish I was able to see closer or there was not enough light.” My Seiler microscopes are essential to each case success.

How has the incorporation of the Seiler microscope impacted the outcomes for your patients?

Anytime we have better magnification and visualization of the internal anatomy of the tooth it affords us an increased ability to locate the challenging anatomy that we are tasked with locating and disinfecting every day. By having the Alpha Air in my practice, I believe that I am giving myself the best chance to locate each and every canal that needs to be cleaned and improving the outcome for my patients. 

What are some unique features or technological advancements in the Seiler Dental Alpha Air Microscope that you find most useful in your practice?

A few things that I love about my Alpha Air is the VarioFocus and the ability to increase or decrease the light intensity to help me see in every circumstance that presents itself. Each case is not the same and being able to customize what I need in order to complete the case is very important to me. I also use the live video feed that is connected to a TV in the operatory so that I am able to best communicate to patients what I am seeing and be able to show them. It has made communication very simple and easier to understand for the patients. 

How do you use the microscope to educate your patients about their treatments, and has it helped in improving patient comfort and trust?

When patients come in anxious and nervous about their Tx we inform them that we are so confident in what we are doing that we will even allow them to observe the Tx if they would like.  It sounds kind of weird, but it has put a lot of patients at ease when I can explain each step of what I am doing. I think it helps them gain confidence in us as providers, and they feel that I am not trying to hide anything from them. It also gives me an opportunity to point out if anything is abnormal like cracks, decay or if anything looks abnormal about their restoration. I think that people appreciate the transparency that we are able to provide. 

Can you speak to the long-term reliability and maintenance requirements of the Seiler microscope in a high-usage dental setting?

We have not had any issues with our microscopes. The microscopes were installed in one day and then have not needed anyone to return for any issues related to them. We have a high-volume practice and the microscopes are used a lot throughout the year, and they perform at the highest level each and every time. 

From a financial perspective, how do you evaluate the cost-effectiveness and return on investment of the Seiler microscope in your practice?

I think that there is no better microscope on the market that offers the quality for the price that Seiler offers. I would recommend these scopes to everyone that I know is looking to start their practice. I can also say that the customer service I have received from Seiler has been excellent.  We had lightning strike our building, and one of the microscope’s power supplies needed to be replaced. Sieler made sure I had that part within a few days so that I could be up and running again while I sorted out all the insurance issues.

Seiler did not have to do that, and they really came through for me. I also hosted an open house when I opened my new office, and they sent a representative to help showcase our equipment. I feel it is important to mention these things because that has been the level of customer service I have received. They are an excellent company that offers a very high quality item for a really good price.

Looking ahead, how do you see the role of advanced microscopes like the Seiler evolving in endodontics and general dentistry?

Where we sit today, microscopes in endodontics is the standard of care. I don’t think there is any programs letting residents learn without a microscope. I do think that we will see microscopes show up in general dentist offices more often in the future because no provider ever says that they wish they could see less or did not want more light or details. Especially since it improves our ergonomics and truly helps extend our ability to practice. I would expect more and more general dentist to adopt microscopes into their restorative practices in the future. 

The Seiler Dental Alpha Air Microscope is known for its superior LED lighting at over 150,000 LUX and a high CRI. How does this advanced lighting feature enhance your visibility and precision during root canal procedures, and what difference has it made in comparison to other lighting systems you've used in the past?

I have been a practitioner for about 16 years, which includes seven years as a general dentist and the rest as an endodontist. In all my time, I have never had a light that I like as much as the LED lighting in my Alpha Air. The visibility is just so good and makes everything bright and clear even when I am looking at the most posterior teeth that I have to treat. This is one of those features that separates Seiler from its competitors. I have added a few associates over this past year, and they all have commented on how good the lighting is and how much they like the Alpha Air microscopes that we have in our office.

Editorial note:

Dr. Josh Todd is a dual board-certified general dentist and endodontist. He received his undergraduate degree from Auburn University and went on to earn his DMD at the University of Louisville School of Dentistry. From there, he took his commission as an officer in the Army, where he completed two advanced residency programs in general dentistry and endodontics. He practiced general dentistry for seven years before returning to pursue his endodontic training. He served as the Chief Dental Officer from 2010 to 2013 in Hohenfels, Germany, and was the lead endodontic mentor at the Advanced Dental Education program at Ft. Campbell, Ky., from 2017 to 2020. He opened Elite Endodontics in Pensacola, Fla., in August 2020.

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