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Annual Women in Dentistry Rise breakfast hosted at Chicago Midwinter Meeting

Attendees of the Women in Dentistry (WID) Rise annual breakfast, held Feb. 22 at the luxurious LondonHouse Chicago. (Photo: Provided by Glidewell Dental)
Glidewell Dental

Glidewell Dental

Fri. 23 February 2024


Held on Feb. 22 in the LondonHouse Chicago, the Women in Dentistry (WID) Rise annual breakfast offered Chicago Dental Society (CDS) Midwinter Meeting attendees an opportunity to reunite, network and demonstrate support for women in dentistry. Two hundred dental professionals attended the breakfast, hosted by Dental Trade Alliance (DTA) and Glidewell.

“It was an honor to co-host this year’s event and be a part of such an inspiring gathering of women leaders,” said Stephenie Goddard, CEO of Glidewell.

“This event is a culmination of all of the women’s groups that gather throughout the year and support women in the dental industry,” said Amy Moorman, DTA. “The support of others helps make us better employees, parents, spouses, friends and colleagues. It’s an opportunity for us to expand our immediate circles to further the profession and industry of dentistry. This is a must-attend event on Thursday morning during the CDS’s Midwinter Meeting.”

This year’s interactive program featured networking opportunities along with two panels of sponsors. The panels included women leaders who shared their stories, tips for success and encouragement with attendees. The event also facilitated communication with these sponsors, for the exchange of more personal questions, insights and resources.

Since 2013, the WID Rise event has functioned as a not-for-profit platform that aims to advance women in dentistry through positive awareness and professional expansion. While the number of women graduating from dental school has increased, their representation in industry-leading roles remains largely unbalanced.

“I did not get to where I am in my career without the help, support and guidance of others,” Goddard said. “Being able to provide women in the field that same help, support and guidance at the WID Rise event is a privilege. It is my hope that those who attend will feel bolstered to step out of their comfort zone and reach their potential without limits.”

Jim Glidewell and Stephenie Goddard, CEO of Glidewell. (Photo: Humberto Estrada, Dental Tribune USA)

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