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PF2 mouthguard

Keystone Industries, the U.S.-based company that manufacturers some of the world’s top mouthguard products, has launched the latest product in its Pro-Form Mouthguard line — the PF2 mouthguard.

Unlike laminated mouthguard products that require a dentist to custom fit to the patient, the PF2 mouthguard is a do-it-yourself guard that provides an accurate custom fit without any need to take impressions of the teeth.

With the elimination of dentist appointments and impressions, the price of this guard is significantly lower than custom-fit mouthguards while still providing high-impact protection, according to the company. The PF2’s unique design also enables it to be re-fit by the user multiple times.

“Being a leader in this field means we need to set the bar high for new products and innovation,” said Michael Prozzillo, vice president of sales for Keystone. “The PF2 will change the way athletes buy mouthguards, but also how the dentist sells them.”

The suggested retail of the PF2 mouthguard is $38. It is available in either black or white. The company reports that there will be bulk purchasing available in the near future, which will include a display piece and literature on the product suited for dental offices.

Multiple color options will also be available soon, similar to the Pro-Form line of color options, according to the company.

Custom fit in less than a minute

“You just won’t be able to get ahold of another mouthguard that can be custom fit in under a minute and provide the same beneficial features,” said Derek Keene, Keystone’s vice president of marketing and product development. “We’re excited to watch PF2 take off and provide significant value to our customers and athletes across the country.”

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About Keystone Industries

Keystone Industries, a privately held company founded in 1908, has maintained a reputation for producing innovative, high-tech dental products in both the operatory and laboratory realms. The company is committed to providing customers with the finest quality materials while developing products that surpass customer expectations. As this commitment has been met, the company has moved forward with expansion around the globe.


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