Two-day custom abutments and crowns from intraoral scans

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Two-day custom abutments and crowns from intraoral scans

Glidewell Laboratories reports that its chairside digital impression scans communicate patient anatomy to the lab with improved accuracy and efficiency. (Photo: Glidewell Laboratories)
Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Thu. 22 August 2013


Clinicians are leveraging their investments in chairside digital impression systems to reduce the time and cost of implant therapy. Dental technicians produce custom abutments and crowns directly from digital impressions taken with these systems, eliminating the need for physical models. Dentists and patients alike can benefit from this simple, convenient and affordable restorative process.

From a chairside digital impression, Glidewell Laboratories will digitally design and fabricate a custom abutment or crown in two days or less. Dentists save on the cost of impression materials, shipping to the lab and model work, and they benefit from lower lab prices on restorations. The process for taking the digital implant impression and sending it to the lab is straightforward.

Chairside procedure is as follows:

  • Remove the healing abutment and attach an Inclusive Scanning Abutment (available through Glidewell Direct) to the implant. For Bellatek Encode Impression System (Biomet 3i; Warsaw, Ind.) digital impressions, it is not necessary to remove the healing abutment.
  • Take buccal, lingual and occlusal scans of the implant site.
  • Scan the opposing dentition.
  • Remove the scanning abutment and scan the bite.
  • Electronically submit the digital implant impression to the lab.

For system-specific information on how to send digital implant impressions to Glidewell Laboratories, intraoral workflow guides are available by visiting the “Digital Impression Systems” page under Dentist, then Services, at

Note: This article was published in Dental Tribune U.S. Edition, Vol. 8 No. 8, August 2013 issue.

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