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Swiss-made Dental Technology

vVARDIS combines breakthrough patented biomimetic dental technologies and cutting-edge science with the legacy of Swiss purity and precision.

Biomimetic Dental Science

vVARDIS products
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Enamel is formed by the structured organization of hydroxyapatite crystals over a protein matrix. Once odontogenesis is complete, the enamel matrix is permanently degraded, and as a result, enamel cannot regrow or repair itself naturally. Backed by over 20 years of research and development, vVARDIS technologies can penetrate deep into the enamel surface and foster remineralization using calcium and phosphate from saliva. For effective prevention and protection – both in the dental office and at home.

The vVARDIS technologies are incredibly versatile and have been easily adapted into various formulations that can tackle early caries, help protect from sensitivity and erosion, deliver a gentle natural whitening.

A Disruptive Technology

The peptide, made of naturally occuring aminoacids and with a high affinity to hydroxyapatite, can self-assemble into a biomimetic matrix using calcium and phosphate ions from the saliva. This matrix regenerates enamel until the depth of early carious lesions and on the tooth surface.

The peptide-based technology is incredibly versatile: it can be easily adapted into various formulations that can treat and manage early caries and sensitivity, protect from caries and erosion, and deliver a gentle teeth whitening.

With our patented, revolutionary technologies that can regenerate enamel and help eliminate early decay, we’re setting a new standard of oral health.

Founded in Switzerland by Dr. Haleh and Golnar Abivardi and inspired by Dr. Green Vardiman Black’s vision of a preventive future for dentistry, vVARDIS is the result of a combined 30 years of dental and entrepreneurial experience, and 20 years of laboratory and clinical research paired with the creative vision of its founders. At its Innovation Center in northern Switzerland, vVARDIS’ team of scientists has been leading some of today’s most advanced explorations in oral health.

With our patented, revolutionary technologies that can regenerate enamel and help eliminate early decay, we’re setting a new standard of oral health.

vVARDIS products
(Image: vVARDIS)

Guided Enamel Regeneration

Guided Enamel Regeneration (GER) is a regenerative treatment of initial carious lesions. GER bridges the gap between prevention and invasive restorative treatments. It enables effective therapy of initial caries through in-depth regeneration of the enamel, whilst still maintaining the integrity of the tooth. By diffusing rapidly until the depth of early, active, non-cavitated early carious lesions (Caries classification table for indications of Curodont Repair) and forming new hydroxyapatite crystals, the Monomer-Peptide 104 technology in CurodontTM Repair enables Guided Enamel Regeneration via an easy, non-invasive and pain-free application.

vVARDIS Curodont Repair

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Mode of Action

The technology in CurodontTM Repair is formulated as a low viscosity liquid with high affinity to hydroxyapatite. The unique conditions within carious lesions enable the organization of the peptide monomers into the biomatrix. This matrix guides the regeneration of enamel by serving as a ‘platform’ for the formation of new hydroxyapatite crystals.

vVARDIS Curodont Repair

(Image: vVARDIS)

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