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vVARDIS: Advancing dental care with non-invasive technology for early decay

vVARDIS, a Swiss medical technology company, offering dental products with its groundbreaking and non-invasive proprietary technology was founded by Swiss dentists, sisters and CEOs, Drs. Haleh Abivardi and Golnar Abivardi. Renowned as innovators and entrepreneurs, Drs. Haley and Goly Abivardi have received several awards for their leading-edge approach to enhancing patient’s experience, with the goal of improving overall health through better oral health.

At the heart of vVARDIS lies its proprietary, biomimetic technology, for the treatment of early caries through an in-depth enamel remineralization. Backed by 25 years of scientific research and over 10 years in clinical practice, the vVARDIS technology has been peer-reviewed in more than 230 publications and is incorporated into the curriculum of prestigious dental schools. During the last ten years, thousands of patients in Europe and the U.S. have been successfully treated using this technology.

The groundbreaking biomimetic vVARDIS technology offers a non-invasive solution to early-stage caries on all surfaces for all ages, bridging the gap between prevention and invasive restorative treatments. It enables effective therapy of initial caries and white spots through in-depth enamel remineralization, while keeping the tooth integrity of the tooth. Its low-viscosity formulation diffuses into the enamel helping minerals like fluoride together with calcium and phosphate from saliva to foster remineralization. This mechanism of action goes under the name of guided enamel remineralization.

Tooth decay affects 95% of the global population and, if untreated, poses a risk to overall health. vVARDIS aims to support dental professionals by offering a fear-free solution that addresses early decay before it becomes a more significant problem.

vVARDIS' mission is to provide everyone, particularly the underserved population, with access to this groundbreaking technology, thereby fulfilling its founders' vision of improving overall health through better oral health.

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vVARDIS Professional Products


Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus Packaging


Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus

Biomimetic system for guided enamel remineralization of “watch areas”
Curodont Repair Fluoride Plus is the first biomimetic system to tackle early caries by remineralizing enamel.

Curodont-Protect Packaging


Curodont Protect

Anti-cavity and anti-sensitivity dental gel 
Curodont Protect is a remineralizing dental gel that aids in the prevention of dental cavities and builds increasing protection against painful tooth sensitivity.


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