STA: essential for cosmetic dentistry

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STA: essential for cosmetic dentistry

Milestone Scientific says the STA Injection System is valuable for cosmetic restorative dentistry procedures, such as composites, veneers and crowns. (DTI/Photo Milestone Scientific)
Milestone Scientific

Milestone Scientific

Wed. 23 June 2010


The STA Injection System (Fig. 1) available from Milestone Scientific, a computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery or C-CLAD, is not only great for single-tooth anesthesia but is also very a useful system for administering multiple-tooth anesthesia injections, such as the palatal-approach anterior superior alveolar nerve block (P-ASA), according to the company.

The P-ASA is a single-site palatal injection into the nasopalatine canal (Fig. 2), which can produce bilateral anesthesia to six anterior teeth and the related facial and palatal gingival tissues (Fig. 3) without causing collateral numbness to the patient’s upper lip, face and muscles of facial expression (Fig. 4). Patients have said they really appreciate this.

Using significantly less anesthetic, this easy-to-administer injection can take the place of at least four supraperiosteal buccal infiltrations and a palatal injection.

It is valuable for cosmetic restorative dentistry procedures such as composites, veneers and crowns because you can immediately assess the patient’s smile line when the lip is used as a reference point.

The P-ASA is also useful for endodontic, periodontal and implant procedures. In fact, it is recommended as the primary injection for any or all of the six maxillary anterior teeth.

During administration and post-operatively, the P-ASA is a very comfortable injection for your patients because of the STA computer-controlled flow rate below the patient’s pain threshold, the use of minimal pressure and the ability to easily control the needle using the wand handpiece.

Milestone Scientific asserts it’s easy to do, you’ll like it and so will your patients.


More information, including an instructional video, is available from Milestone Scientific.



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