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Sirona to unveil XIOSPLUS intraoral sensor system

The XIOSPLUS intraoral sensor system from Sirona is designed to make office integration easy using either Ethernet or USB modules.
Fred Michmershuizen, DTA

Fred Michmershuizen, DTA

Mon. 31 August 2009


Many companies will be unveiling new products at the California Dental Association’s September Session in San Francisco, CA. Among them is Sirona, based in Charlotte, NC, which will unveil its XIOSPLUS intraoral sensor system during the meeting.

According to Sirona, the XIOSPLUS system allows practitioners the freedom and flexibility of capturing quality digital X-rays by using either an Ethernet or USB module. And with Sirona’s intuitive SIDEXIS XG software, practitioners can view digital X-rays directly on any computer monitor or the office network without license fees.

The Ethernet (wall module) is easy to integrate into any network. Using its large-sized multicolor display, the user can confirm patient information prior to taking the image. Various LCD colors indicate the current operational status. The wall module also allows the user to plug in two sensors simultaneously, guaranteeing that the right sensor is always close at hand. The built-in sensor holders also reduce clutter and minimize the risk of damage to the sensors.

The USB module can be connected to any PC as a true “plug-and-play” component, allowing sensors to be used anywhere they are needed. The USB module also features LED indicators of system status.

Available in two sizes, XIOSPLUS sensors are designed to be robust and ergonomic. The thin cable connection, beveled edges and anatomically rounded corners allow for quick and easy positioning in the patient’s mouth. The Active Pixel (APS) CMOS sensors (pixel size: 15 µm) achieve a perfect balance between image quality and speed. The automatic pre-processing options in SIDEXIS allow the clinician to select their preferences for a broad spectrum of diagnostic applications.

The California Dental Association’s September Session will take place in San Francisco, CA, at the Moscone West Convention Center. The exhibit halls will be open Friday, 11 September, through Sunday, 13 September. Sirona Dental Systems will exhibit the new XIOSPLUS intraoral sensor system at Booth No. 338.

Sirona Dental Systems is a manufacturer of dental equipment and technologies. The company, which has been in business more than 130 years, manufactures and markets a complete line of dental products, including CAD/CAM restoration equipment (CEREC), digital and film-based intraoral, panoramic and cephalometric X-ray imaging systems, dental treatment centers and handpieces.


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