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Better health for you

Our Curaprox brand offers everything needed for gingival and dental health. As a leader in quality and innovation, we offer well-designed, effective and professionally recommended oral health products.

Our enzymatic [BE YOU.] and Black Is White toothpastes promote a balanced oral microbiome through natural ingredients, while our Curaprox CS 5460 toothbrush is a product that every chemist and dentist in Europe knows well.

Our interdental brushes are the thinnest on the market and clean the most inaccessible and vulnerable parts of the mouth: the interdental spaces between teeth, crowns and implants. For determining the size of a patient’s interdental spaces, our Interdental Access Probe is very useful and will help select a suitably sized interdental brush for minimal trauma in both patients with healthy gingivae and patients with periodontitis.

The future is prevention

In pursuing our belief that prevention is better than repair, we champion prophylactic oral health care. That is why we have developed hands-on training programmes such as iTOP (individually trained oral prophylaxis), where we aim to transfer knowledge and skills to dental professionals, who can then set up their patients for a lifetime of oral health.

Dentist as a facilitator of health

Current research points to an association between oral health and cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, respiratory illness and autoimmune disorders. Based on this holistic view, we promote oral health as the precursor for overall health, and our innovations therefore aim to improve general health and well-being through oral care.

Marketing tools for dentists

With Prevention One, we offer dentists an innovative business model for activating, reactivating and motivating existing customers, as well as attracting new ones. Prevention One offers practices a way to make prophylaxis profitable.

The Prevention One plan includes a well-coordinated combination of dental care products, supporting software (patient and appointment management), online information, a practice marketing and communication package, a dental health index and a sophisticated training and certification system. That way, patients can be optimally supported at home while remaining under constant monitoring by your Prevention One practice.

Lifelong oral health

With our Curaden Clinic, Curaden Academy and Curaden IT platform, we connect dental professionals and consumers. Our equipment, management systems and communication tools open up new prospects and business models for dental practices. Our close relationship with clients and the medical profession has resulted in mutually beneficial solutions that are unique in the industry. Although our products and services may be varied, the idea behind them is always the same: we develop solutions for lifelong oral health.

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