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Optimize your endodontic practice with Suni3D

The Suni3D cone beam system. (DTI/Photo Suni)


Wed. 10 November 2010


In today’s rapidly changing health-care environment, 3-D imaging is becoming an essential tool for diagnosis and treatment in dental and specialty practices. The Suni3D cone beam system blends three technologies into one, providing a multifaceted solution to meet all practitioners’ needs.

Suni3D is a state-of-the-art, three-in-one system that allows for high digital panoramic capabilities, cephalometric imaging and anatomically correct 3-D cone-beam imaging.

Suni3D technology’s crystal-clear results are quickly becoming the industry standard. It’s a three-dimensional imaging tool for dental diagnosis but is also three-dimensional in how it applies to dentistry, management and investment.

As a practitioner wanting to improve diagnostic ability and explore greater treatment options, Suni3D technology replaces what were once suspect diagnoses with clear answers.

For your practice, Suni3D is the best choice for even the most demanding endodontic procedures. Available in a 5 by 5 cm or 8 by 5 cm field of view, Suni3D allows you to see more lesions with crystal-clear 3-D image quality, assess anatomic structures quickly and easily, and identify root canal morphology and 3-D anatomy — all with a minimal radiation dosage.

Suni3D is also the perfect fit for implants. Easily determine bone width and height for accurate placement; identify and mark anatomical elements such as sinuses and the mandibular canal; and receive detailed information to place your implants safely and correctly.

As a manager who seeks a fruitful practice, Suni3D technology provides gains from increased patient satisfaction and a boost in overall efficiency, which leads to a higher patient turnover. Suni3D’s state-of-the-art imaging sensors eliminate time wasted manipulating images, clearing up time in the dentist’s day to see more patients.

Suni’s recipe for success has been developed around new and efficient technology. The transition to 3-D is seamless. Suni pioneered digital radiography and is an innovator in digital imaging.


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