Argen Refining helps you find the hidden profits in your practice

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Argen Refining helps you find the hidden profits in your practice

The friendly folks at Argen Corp., who are pictured at the recent Midwinter Meeting in Chicago, are ready to assist you. (DTI/Photo Sierra Rendon, DTA)
Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Wed. 6 March 2013


In an effort to continually bring more value to your dental practices, the Argen Corporation and Henry Schein have partnered together, combining the strengths of two global leaders to provide you with the highest quality refining services available. With record-breaking demand for precious metals, dental refining is more valuable than ever. However, companies often don’t get what they deserve for their valuable scrap.

Sophisticated technology, precise processe, and trustworthy professionals are all necessary to maximize a refine and the Argen Corporation’s detailed protocol ensures just that.

Argen believes that through its precise refining process, you will receive the highest return available and make the most money for your scrap. Why? The difference is found in the procedures and additional steps performed by the experts at Argen during the assay and refining process, the company says.

The process begins when you send your dental scrap to Argen via FedEx. Argen supplies your office with a free shipping kit and pays all shipping costs, including insuring your shipment for no extra charge.

When your scrap is received at Argen, technicians carefully document the contents of your package under strict security protocol and send you a confirmation -mail of the package’s arrival along with an estimated date of completion.

What follows is an intricate procedure designed specifically to maximize the value of your precious scrap. At the first melt, a disk mill crushes the scrap and proprietary flux is added to extract even the smallest particles of precious metals. The materials are cooled and the slag removed for a second melt.

While the metals are in a molten state, a vacuum pin tube sample is taken. This sampling method insures a homogenous mix and a true representation of the amounts of each metal present in the scrap.

Three samples are then dissolved and analyzed by expert chemists. Each batch is tested against controls, and the unmatched level of accuracy means it is perfectly clear how much precious metal is present.

The customer service that accompanies the process also sets Argen’s refining services apart, the company says

You are updated throughout the process and provided a straightforward, all-inclusive settlement record with no hidden charges.

Another difference with Argen Refining is you will earn returns on platinum, palladium and silver, as well as gold, insuring you are receiving the highest possible yield for your dental scrap.

Each settlement comes with a personal call to discuss the results and to review flexible payment options including check or gold, silve, and platinum bullion alloy.

Every batch includes the Argen guarantee, if you’re not 100 percent satisfied with the results of your assay, the company will return all materials to you at no cost.

(Source: Argen Corporation)


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