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New options from ClearCorrect: Same aligners, more choices

ClearCorrect CEO Jarrett Pumphrey. (Photo: ClearCorrect)

Mon. 24 April 2017


SAN DIEGO, Calif., USA: For a little more than 10 years, ClearCorrect has been an industry leader in providing clear aligners. Now at this week’s American Association of Orthodontists 2017 Annual Session, ClearCorrect is launching new options to make it even better and simpler for the orthodontist. The two new options are Flex and Unlimited.

“We’re really excited about Flex,” said ClearCorrect CEO Jarrett Pumphrey. “You get exactly what you need — no more, no less. And pay for just that. The result of that is it becomes a lot more affordable for the doctor.”

If the provider prefers, they can cap the number of steps, and ClearCorrect will stay within those constraints.

“This is the result of years of feedback from our doctors on what has worked and what hasn’t,” Pumphrey said. “We thought long and hard about how best to solve this for the doctors. Flex was the solution.”

The other new option from ClearCorrect is Unlimited.

“We’re balancing Flex with what we call Unlimited. We’ve always had an unlimited plan, but we went back and totally changed it,” Pumphrey said. “It’s a five-year plan, and it’s truly however many you need for those five years, including retainers, until the end of that five years. If you finish in one year, and you come back in year four, it’s still included.”

ClearCorrect’s Unlimited plan includes unlimited aligners and retainers for five years.

“We think the two options balance each other out,” he said. “You have peace of mind you can treat your case exactly as you want to.”

If you are interested in signing up for Flex or Unlimited, be sure to contact ClearCorrect.

“I believe these two options together are really going to allow doctors to treat the kinds of cases they want to treat — from the simplest of cases to really advanced cases — and get the results they want at an affordable price,” Pumphrey said. Here at AAO so far, “It’s been super positive feedback, and the response has been great. We’ve already had a lot of new signups, so I think that’s telling us that doctors are receiving it positively and are excited about it.”


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