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Education choices abound at ADA meeting


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Dr. Jon Suzuki and Dr. Craig Mukai present ‘Soft-tissue Surgery for Augmentation of Keratinized Gingiva,’ an Education in the Round offering at the ADA meeting in San Francisco. (DTI/Photo Robin Goodman, DTA)
Robin Goodman, DTA

By Robin Goodman, DTA

Fri. 19 October 2012


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., USA: There may not be such a thing as a free lunch, but at the ADA Annual Meeting there were plenty of free courses, and the schedule boasted dozens of them. The lineup also included workshops, fee courses and Education in the Round lectures, so the only problem one might have had was deciding which courses to attend.

Some of the workshops were sold out, such as Dr. Lee Silverstein’s lecture on “Suturing for the Dental Practitioner and Staff.” Silverstein’s user-friendly demonstrations not only helped participants learn the fine art of suturing, but helped them understand the materials used and which techniques to employ for various clinical situations.

Dr. Jonathan Parker’s lecture on “Snoring and Sleep Apnea: A Successful Method for Choosing the Right Appliance and Managing the Patient’s Bite” was also sold out. Parker illuminated the features and characteristics of seven different oral appliances and shared a method for choosing the right appliance for every patient.

At the Education in the Round live patient demonstration area, Dr. Jon Suzuki and Dr. Craig Mukai focused on “Soft-tissue Surgery for Augmentation of Keratinized Gingiva.” Dr. Lee Silverstein presented “User-friendly Technique for Atraumatic Extraction of Teeth and Socket Grafting.”

Other lecture topics included “Forensic Odontology 2012,” “Controversies in Dental Implantology,” “Street Drug Update,” “Hands-on Oral Surgery,” “Hands-on Lasers” and “Dental Implant Restorative.”



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