Q-Optics: Get more from your loupes

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Q-Optics: Get more from your loupes


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Photo: Provided by Q-Optics
Chad C. Duplantis, FDS, FAGD

By Chad C. Duplantis, FDS, FAGD

Wed. 12 October 2022


Quality Aspirators is so much more than dental aspirators. This Texas company has been serving the dental community for more than 40 years and has become not only an industry leader of aspirators and lighting but has also excelled in dental vision technology.

Quality Aspirators is the manufacturers of Q-Optics Prismatic Loupes, a recipient of the Cellerant “Best of Class” Technology Award.

The entire line of Custom TTL Loupes is uniquely designed to perfectly fit the user’s facial features through a proprietary measurement system. The TrueFit Digital Measurement System builds upon traditional measuring to ensure optimal loupe placement, thus creating a better ergonomic fit. Working distances and angle of declination are customized to the individual.

Although several levels of magnification are available, the prism loupes are available in 3.5x, 4.0x and 4.5x with an expanded field of vision. The loupes are constructed from advanced materials to produce a lightweight, ergonomic and comfortable design. Contained in a titanium and carbon fiber housing, the magnification is built to maximize weight reduction.

In an evaluation of 10 KOLs with previous magnification experience within their practices, only three had used prismatic loupes and only one had previous experience with Q-Optics.

Initial impressions of the product were extremely favorable. The loupes were rated above average by all 10 participants, with eight ratings as “excellent” — referenced as “wonderful,” “best frames” and “so crisp and clear.”

The weight and comfort were rated “excellent” by everyone. It was found, in comparison to other brands, that the weight was so favorable that the strap wasn’t needed for most of the users.

An extremely favorable (100 percent) response was given for the clarity of vision. It was noted that vision was crisper than loupes worn in the past. It was also noted that the field of vision was wider and entirely clear compared to competitors. Also noteworthy, most of the reviewers chose a higher level of magnification than previously worn.

Dentists are striving to provide minimally invasive dentistry on a daily basis. One of our most valuable assets to providing quality dentistry is our vision. It’s imperative we have a clear and magnified field of view to achieve this. Q-Optics Prismatic Loupes are a great adjunct to our practices. Their advancements have placed them in a league of their own.

Editorial note:

To see the Q-Optics difference for yourself, stop by booth No. 1209 during the ADA SmileCon. You can also contact the company by calling (800) 858-2121 or emailing sales@q-optics.com.

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