Midwestern Society of Orthodontists holds annual session in Kansas City

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Midwestern Society of Orthodontists holds annual session in Kansas City


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The Midwestern Society of Orthodontists (MSO) held its annual session in Kansas City, Mo. (Photo: www.sxc.hu)
Dental Tribune USA

By Dental Tribune USA

Tue. 15 October 2013


KANSAS CITY, Mo., USA: The Midwestern Society of Orthodontists (MSO) held its 2013 annual session Sept. 20-22. More than 410 people attended the meeting, featuring a doctor and staff continuing education program presented by Dr. Mark Berkman, Dr. Aaron Molen, Dr. Chung Kau, Dr. Sebastian Baumgaertel and Dr. Abraham Lifshitz, and Amy Kirsch, Cathy Sundvall and Mary Kay Miller.

The following new leaders were installed to serve the MSO membership in 2013-2014: Dr. John Crawford of Kenosha, Wis., president; Dr. Deb Lien of Rochester, Minn., president-elect; and Dr. Ara Goshgarian of Lake Forest, Ill., secretary-treasurer. Dr. Ross Crist of Sioux Falls, S.D., successfully completed his term as the 2012-2013 president and will continue to serve on the MSO board as immediate past president. Dr. Brent Larson of Minneapolis continues to serve as the MSO Trustee to the American Association of Orthodontists Board of Trustees.

Dr. Jane Bentz of Wisconsin was recognized at the MSO Annual Business Meeting on Sept. 21 for her service as MSO component director as she retires. Dr. Scott Arbit of Wisconsin and Dr. D. Spencer Pope of Illinois were welcomed to service at the conclusion of the meeting as new incoming component directors. Dr. Brian Jesperson of North Dakota was recognized for his full eight-year term of service as the MSO representative to the Council on Orthodontic Practice.

These MSO Delegation members were elected to represent the MSO at the AAO 2014 House of Delegates: Dr. Ara Goshgarian, chairperson; Dr. Mike Durbin, vice chairperson; Dr. Ross Crist, Dr. Deb Lien, Dr. Ginny Mennemeyer, Dr. Dennis Sommers and Dr. Kim Stafford; and Dr. Steve Marshall, Dr. John Kanyusik and Dr. Ryan VanLaecken, alternates.

MSO members approved the 2014 MSO budget and an MSO bylaws revision based on changes to the AAO bylaws regarding membership dues, assessment and waivers that were approved at AAO 2013 House of Delegates. Components are encouraged to also update their bylaws accordingly.

The 2013 MSO Earl E. Shepard Distinguished Service Award was presented to Dr. Keith Levin, Winnipeg, Manitoba, at the MSO Annual Member Business Meeting. Levin is an MSO past president and was elected speaker of the AAO House of Delegates and served on the AAO Board of Trustees from 2010-2012 inclusive.

The MSO board will be reducing printed communication costs in the future by moving toward more electronic communication to members via the MSO website and member email blasts. Concise printed information will be mailed as needed in the future in lieu of a traditional twice-a-year printed newsletter. Members are encouraged to keep their email address up-to-date with the AAO, as MSO will be utilizing this email address in the future for electronic communication.

Two MSO leaders will be recognized with awards presented at the AAO Annual Session in 2014. Dr. Vance Dykhouse of Missouri will receive the ABO Dale B. Wade Award of Excellence in Orthodontics, and Dr. John Casko of Iowa will receive the ABO Albert H. Ketcham Memorial Award.

The 2014 combined Great Lakes Association of Orthodontists and Midwestern Society of Orthodontists Annual Session will be held Sept. 11-13 at the Sheraton Chicago Hilton. Dr. Arnie Hill of Minnesota will be presented the 2014 MSO Earl E. Shepard Distinguished Service Award.

(Source: MSO)

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