Meeting Review: American Association of Orthodontists 2017 Annual Session

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Meeting Review: American Association of Orthodontists 2017 Annual Session


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The AcceleDent booth at the 2017 AAO meeting in San Diego, where the OrthoAccel team is excited to showcase the all-new AcceleDent Optima and its app. (Photo: OrthoAccel)
Sierra Rendon, DTA

By Sierra Rendon, DTA

Wed. 26 April 2017


SAN DIEGO, Calif., USA: The American Association of Orthodontists 2017 Annual Session was chock-full of scientific lectures and sessions. The exhibit hall was where many attendees wanted to go. It offered aisles and aisles of booths to make attendees smile. There were fun activities and lots of chances to learn about new technologies.

The theme of this year’s event was “Navigating Orthodontics: The Art, the Science, the Business.” These factors play a role in every orthodontist’s career. By the end of the session, meeting organizers hoped that attendees would have new information, new products and new ideas to bring home.

In the lecture halls, there was education for every topic. Here’s a sampling of the wide range of topics and sessions: “Retention: A Sensible, Evidence-Based Approach” with Dr. Simon Littlewood; “Skeletal Anchors and Expedited Tooth Movement: Coming a Full Circle” with Dr. Sarandeep Huja; “In Vivo Retention of a Glass Ionomer Containing Orthodontic Sealant” with Dr. Eser Tufekci; “State of the Orthodontic Industry” with Dr. Chris Bentson; “Congenitally Missing Upper Lateral Incisors: Is There One Best Treatment Option?” with Dr. William Northway; “Biomechanics of Root Resorption: PDL Necrosis, Occlusal Trauma and Root Flexure” with Dr. W. Eugene Roberts; and “Incorporating 3-D Technology Into Your Practice: Possibilities and Challenges” with Dr. Tung Nguyen.

Many other sessions were offered, on topics ranging from sleep apnea to ortho trends to Class II correction and more. Sessions were held related to “Conventional Anchorage Modalities” featuring speakers such as Shannon E. Owens and Jose Bosio; “Evidence” featuring Peter Buschang, Greg Huang, Carlos Flores-Mir and more; and “Cutting Edge Technology” with Chung Kau, Lucia Cevidanes, Josef Kucera and more.

On the exhibit hall floor, here is just a sampling of booths with new products and programs that were on display:

  • OrthoAccel’s new device: In San Diego, AcceleDent unveiled its new AcceleDent Optima, an advanced accelerated orthodontic device with a comprehensive suite of technology-driven features. The technology behind AcceleDent Optima is clinically proven to speed up tooth movement by as much as 50 percent, while reducing orthodontic discomfort. According to the company, it’s also the first and only device that directly connects patients and practices with monitoring, direct messaging and rewards via the AcceleDent App (available via iTunes and Google Play). Think of it like a Fitbit for orthodontics.
  • Learn from Carriere himself: At the Henry Schein Orthodontics booth, Dr. Luis Carriere was offering in-booth lectures. Carriere is the inventor of the Carriere Motion Appliance and the Carriere Self-Ligating Bracket. New now are the Carriere Motion 3D COLORS, featuring the same reliable Motion appliance but in blue, purple, green, gold, silver or multicolor. “For those patients who are young or want something trendy, we came up with ‘COLORS,’” Carriere said. “They’re fancy! The multi-color one is beautiful because, according to how the light is impacting the Motion, the color changes: You see purples, you see greens, you see blues – you see all of the span of colors seen in nature.”
  • Let Ormco help with marketing: Do you struggle to find the best way to market your practice? Wouldn’t it be nice to just let someone else handle it? Ormco can do just that! Ormco’s Damon Co-Marketing Program is designed to help Damon orthodontists market their practice and educate patients and referrers in their community. Via this program, Ormco pays 75 percent of the cost to market your practice.
  • New Planmeca product: Planmeca and CephX Technologies announced the launch of an automatic cephalometric tracing and analysis service for Planmeca Romexis dental-imaging software. This service allows Romexis access to CephX’s intelligent AlgoCeph algorithm – a sophisticated application of artificial intelligence and machine-learning technology based on thousands of manually traced cephalometric images — through just a few clicks of a button. This integration will dramatically streamline orthodontists’ work, according to Planmeca.
  • 3M helps you navigate: At 3M’s booth, orthodontists could participate in demonstrations of the 3M APC Flash-Free Adhesive Coated Appliance System, experiencing first-hand how it can reduce placement time by 40 percent per bracket, according to 3M. Practitioners can also speak with industry-leading doctors to learn how they are growing their practices with the esthetics of 3M Clarity ADVANCED Ceramic Brackets.

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