AAE holds its annual session in Boston

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AAE holds its annual session in Boston

Dr. Richard A. Rubinstein performs atypical molar microsurgery during a theater-in-the-round educational presentation at the 2012 AAE Annual Session in Boston. (DTI/Photo Fred Michmershuizen, DTA)
Fred Michmershuizen / DTA

Fred Michmershuizen / DTA

Wed. 23 May 2012


BOSTON, MASS, USA: The American Association of Endodontists held its 2012 Annual Session April 18-21 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. The meeting offered endodontists, general dentists and other specialists the opportunity to participate in a large selection of endodontic courses as well as learn about the rich history of the specialty in the United States.

During the four-day event, meeting attendees could receive continuing education credit from eight different educational tracks, three of which were new this year: Exploring the Future, Evidence Based-Endodontics and Orofacial Pain, Oral Pathology and Trauma. The sessions were offered in a variety of learning formats.

The popular Master Clinician Series showcased live, state-of-the-art surgeries, including implant placement, regenerative endodontic therapy, molar endodontic microsurgery, the use of cone beam computed tomography and more.

This year’s master clinicians included Dr. Paul D. Eleazer, Dr. Shepard S. Goldstein, Dr. Mani Moulazadeh, Dr. Richard A. Rubinstein, Dr. Wyatt D. Simons and Dr. John D. West.

On the exhibit hall floor, companies showcased their products and services.

Roydent Dental Products offered its popular C-Files in new sizes — 12.5, 15 and assorted packs 06-10, all in 21 mm and 25 mm lengths. The new 12.5 is an exclusive size to Roydent and allows doctors to make a half step when instrumentation between sizes10 and 15.

Nancy Connor, Roydent’s sales and marketing manager, said the C-Files provide an ideal and extremely effective way to instrument calcified canals. They are also ideal for locating canals and instrumenting narrow canals. Their non-cutting tip allows doctors to break through calcification safely and efficiently.

SS White, which had an expanded booth presence this year, introduced a full line of endodontic products driven around the company’s passion toward conservation and efficiency. The offerings included the redevelopment of the V Taper file and many other instruments.

“The V Taper really is unique because it has a patented variable taper that at the top of the file is much more conservative and allows for the preservation of cervical dentin to a higher degree than any other file system on the market,” said Tom Gallop, CEO of SS White. “As we are starting to learn, and as the endodontic and restorative community is starting to see, the value of that cervical dentin in terms of the long life creation of successful restorations is a vital element, so we feel that with that patented feature in V Taper files and a lot of the research pointing to the need to preserve that cervical dentin as much as possible that we are on the path to creating longer lasting endodontic procedures and restorative procedures.”

Other product highlights included the introduction of SafeSiders instruments from EDS in a new 31 mm size; a new, high-density foam for cleaning instruments, available from Jordco; new X-treme endodontic instruments from JS Dental Mfg.; a new Marwan Abou-Rass (MAR) microsurgical endodontic instrument line from Hu-Friedy; the Impact Air 45 high-speed, air-powered handpiece from Palisades Dental; and the introduction of a new Plasma light source for Seiler microscopes.

The theme of the 2012 meeting was “History & Heritage — Forging the Future.” Next year’s AAE Annual Session is scheduled for April 17–20 in Honolulu.


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