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Medit i700 wireless: Scanning made easy with a simple touch


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Powered by the latest MEDIT technology, the all-new i700 wireless intraoral scanner is light, fast, accurate, and now — wire-free. (Photos: MEDIT)
Dental Tribune USA

By Dental Tribune USA

Wed. 20 April 2022


LONG BEACH, Calif., USA: Moving beyond the proven tech and best-selling success of the i700 intraoral scanner, today MEDIT is announcing the release of the i700 wireless — newly designed as a portable wand with the same speed, accuracy and lightness.

“We’re tirelessly listening to our customers to provide them with the utmost customer care, which is at our core to continuously evolve,” said GB Ko, CEO of MEDIT. “Our i700 wireless model is a game-changer with its effortless, wire-free capabilities and powerful, long-lasting battery.”

Free from wires, the light, weight-balanced i700 wireless offers a smooth and quick scanning experience utilizing mm-wave-based, next-generation wireless communication technology, according to the company. One battery offers one hour of continuous scanning and eight hours in standby mode. The super-fast camera captures up to 70 frames per second, collecting more data with each pass in realistic color and crisp images, the company said. The updated design boasts a reversible tip and wider scanning area allowing for easy, comfortable scanning at any angle with no constraints to movement.

To counter COVID-19 concerns, a convenient, remote-control button means clinicians can check scan data from the scanner and show patients without worry of cross-contamination, MEDIT said. The self-disinfecting UV-C LED further keeps the unit clean, the company said.

For a complete, trouble-free experience, the i700 wireless runs on MEDIT Link, MEDIT’s software featuring integration with various other CAD/CAM providers, as well as MEDIT’s own popular apps, including Medit Design, Smile Design, Ortho Simulation, Model Builder, Crown Fit and more, the company said.

“Packed with the latest MEDIT technology, the i700 wireless continues our commitment to delivering an amazing digital dentistry experience through better tools and solutions,” added GB Ko.


MEDIT is a global provider of 3-D measurement solutions for dental clinics and labs, including intraoral scanners, based on its own patented, state-of-the-art technology. The company also develops platform solutions for digital dentistry, supporting collaborative workflows. The company’s goal is to provide innovative technology and the highest quality products to ensure mutual growth for all partners.

MEDIT has been headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, since its inception in 2000. The company also has representatives located in the Americas and Europe and boasts a global network of distributors in over 100 countries.

Detailed information about MEDIT products and software is available by visiting the company’s official website, More content from MEDIT is also available on its official YouTube channel,, and on Instagram, at

(Source: MEDIT)

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