Biolase focuses on dental laser education and new technology fall meetings

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Biolase focuses on dental laser education and new technology fall meetings

The laser system EPIC Total Diode Solution is the newest laser from Biolase. (Photo: Biolase)
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Dental Tribune USA

Mon. 4 November 2013


NEW YORK, N.Y., USA: As a world leader in dental lasers, Biolase kicks off the fall season with a strong emphasis on educating dentists on the clinical and practice benefits offered by the company’s technology lineup, including WaterLase iPlus. With a large presence at the fall meetings, Biolase is offering mini-clinics, lecture and other educational opportunities focused on its range of high-tech products, starting with WaterLase iPlus.

In addition to celebrating 15 years of WaterLase technology and innovation, Biolase will also be showcasing its newest award-winning products, including 3-D cone beam systems from NewTom and TRIOS digital intraoral scanners from 3Shape.

“It is more important to us than ever to offer as much education and learning opportunities for dental professionals,” said John Bernhard, Biolase director of marketing. “This booth at the ADA is a manifestation of the company’s commitment to sharing our years as a leader in dental lasers with dentists who are just now investigating the technology. We’ve also made sure we have plenty of hands-on time available with our 3-D imaging systems as well, which are truly some of the most exciting tools available in our profession.”

The primary focus of the Biolase ADA exhibit hall booth will be on the WaterLase iPlus, the company’s best-selling all-tissue laser system. Celebrating 15 years of innovation and advancement, WaterLase technology has reached the ultimate application with the WaterLase iPlus, the company’s most advanced laser system ever.

For tooth cutting, the WaterLase iPlus helps to eliminate microfractures associated with the traditional dental drill, as well as thermal damage and cross-contamination risks. Additionally, the laser’s precision allows minimally invasive treatment with less removal of healthy tooth structure and soft tissues. WaterLase iPlus can greatly improve efficiency in a dental practice, minimizing time required for the onset of anesthetic, performing multiquadrant procedures in a single patient visit and expanding the range of procedures offered.

WaterLase iPlus is indicated for a wide range of soft- and hard-tissue treatments, including comprehensive periodontal procedures (such as deep pocket therapy with new attachment and subgingival calculus removal) and endodontic treatment (such as root canal shaping and cleaning).

Two types of educational opportunities are available in the Biolase booth (No. 1539), including traditional 20-minute lectures on specific clinical procedures that can be performed on day one by new WaterLase iPlus owners, as well as mini-clinics in the booth using the lasers and extracted teeth to show cutting techniques.

Also on display in booth No. 1539 at the ADA is the newest diode laser from Biolase, the EPIC Total Diode Solution. Packed with one category-exclusive feature after another, the EPIC sets a new standard in diode laser performance and value, according to the company. A graphical touch screen set with up to 20 common soft tissue procedure presets — plus 20-minute full mouth whitening and FDA-cleared temporary pain relief at the dentist’s fingertips. Plus, EPIC can be a financial boon for many practices because of the integrated, FDA-cleared protocols for laser hygiene and perio as an adjunct to scaling and root planning. Plus, a new ComfortPulse setting reduces pulse length to as little as one 10-millionth of a second to avoid heat buildup at the surgical site, for fast tissue cutting with less patient discomfort.

Another new addition to the Biolase line-up is the 3Shape TRIOS digital intraoral scanner system. The TRIOS digital solution, which includes a hand-held scanner, operator’s control cart and intuitive software, provides faster impression taking, improved accuracy and clinical results, reduced need for retakes, and less adjustment and grinding. TRIOS’ unique features include spray-free scanning, high accuracy optimized for an extensive range of indications, clinical scan validation, online communication with the dental lab and intuitive Smart-Touch user interfacing.

Finally, Biolase will be offering full-sized models of NewTom Cone-Beam Computed-Tomography (CBCT) technology. The technology is relatively new to dentistry, and is a more compact version of standard medical CT imaging that uses a cone-shaped X-ray beam to obtain a multitude of radiographs that construct digital 3-D models of maxillofacial anatomies. NewTom VGi has one of the finest image qualities of any CBCT system available in dentistry, along with a minimal dose of radiation to patients. A small footprint, a full 360-degree scan, a small focal spot, 50-percent higher resolution, seven fields of view – everything works to deliver super-sharp images.

Dentists who use NewTom CBCT technology in their practices report increased treatment plan acceptance, improved diagnostic capabilities and other advantages.

In recent months, Biolase launched the NewTom VG3, a pano/ceph device that is scalable and expandable to 3-D cone beam imaging at a later date. The VG3 offers entry level affordability without sacrificing top-of-the-line features, including multiple fields of view, a removable 2-D sensor and much more. The VG3 also offers patented Safebeam Technology, which gives off the lowest possible dose of radiation to patients.

(Source: Biolase)

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