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Chicago Midwinter Meeting offers new products and technology

By Sierra Rendon, DTA
March 03, 2009

The theme at the 2009 Chicago Midwinter Meeting was The World of Dental Networking, and nowhere did more networking take place than in the event’s massive exhibit hall. “The latest innovations in equipment and materials can be found in one location: The Midwinter Meeting Exhibit Hall,” said David P. Kumamoto, Chicago Dental Society’s 2009 president, in his welcome address.

During the course of three days, more than 30,000 people crossed through the doors to interact with the 600 or so exhibitors at one of the largest dental exhibitions in the United States, which was named again by Tradeshow Week as one of the Top 200 trade shows in North America.

With numbers like that, exhibitors know they have to break out of the mold to draw attention. Many exhibiting companies took the opportunity to launch new products at the meeting. Here is just a sampling of those products:

• Many meeting attendees stopped by the Shofu booth to learn about the company’s new seventh-generation BeautiBond adhesive, introduced in Chicago. The product has a unique chemistry featuring two adhesive monomers, one for the enamel and one for the dentin.

“We have had a very good reception to BeautiBond from dentists here at the Midwinter Meeting. Outside research shows bond strengths comparable to the leading sixth-generation multi-component products,” said C. Brian Melonakos, president and CEO of Shofu Dental Corp.

Wolfgang van Hall, managing director of Shofu Dental GmbH, told Dental Tribune he was pleased with strong sales for BeautiBond at the Midwinter Meeting. “It is important to see, and it makes me very hopeful for the upcoming IDS meeting in Cologne,” he said.

• CEREC AC from Sirona Dental Systems is an advanced dental CAD/CAM system, and at the heart of the system is the new Bluecam handheld acquisition camera, which uses a highly intense blue LED (light-emitting diode) that is superior to other digital impression technologies, including red laser light. The optics used in the Bluecam handheld camera have been optimized for a higher depth of field and accuracy, and have been coupled with increased computing power to display the most crisp, detailed digital impressions possible, which in turn yield the most precise 3-D digital models. In addition, the acquisition camera’s built-in shake control eliminates movement artifacts, so images are captured without any blurriness or distortion, which are common for other systems.

• The 2009 launch of NobelProcera is the most comprehensive technology, material and product introduction within CAD/CAM dentistry in recent Nobel Biocare history, and according to the company it will set a new standard for the development, design and manufacturing of dental prosthetics. The launch includes a new high-tech optical scanner, the new generation of prosthetic software and an expanded material product portfolio for the range of cost-effective Nobel Biocare treatment options, particularly for edentulous indications. The new optical scanner uses a patented conoscopic holography technology, which offers precision, speed and accuracy, as well as new scanning capabilities. Conoscopic holography technology was developed by Optimet and was well-proven in the aerospace and automotive industries. This is the first time that conoscopic holography has been applied in dentistry, and Nobel Biocare owns the exclusive rights to this application.

• The release of the DEXcam 3 Intra-oral Video Camera was the focus at the DEXIS booth. According to the company, it’s an exciting new imaging product that provides dental professionals with an easy, efficient clinical tool to raise patient understanding and help increase case acceptance. For those dentists who want to maximize patient education, DEXcam 3 provides highly defined image quality utilizing a seven-element glass optical lens, four bright LEDs and an internal prism for optimal lighting, along with its Sony CCD sensor. Precision-ground glass optics virtually eliminate image distortion.

• The latest updates to the DVD Dentist System were shown off at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, including: SOS and VOIS Customer Support, which provides remote support with specialists and chairside help via Bluetooth technology; the Whisper Thin Veneer, which mills less than 0.3 mm veneers utilizing the IPS e.max CAD material; and BOB, which are acrylic Burn-Out Blocks that can be milled, invested and then cast or pressed in ceramic or metal.

• The KoR Whitening Deep Bleaching System by Rod Kurthy is Evolve Dental Technologies’ latest and most effective technique for whitening teeth. The system provides predictable and intense whitening results, even on tetracycline-stained cases and has solved the bleaching-sensitivity issue by developing a system that protects the tooth’s pulp from the bleaching product.

Sensable Technologies, a provider of force-feedback haptic devices and touch-enabled 3D modeling solutions, announced that its SensAble Dental Lab System is now the first dental CAD/CAM system to support the design and fabrication of Valplast removable partials. A flexible nylon restoration that eliminates the need for metal clasps, Valplast partials are in high demand by dentists and patients for their comfort and aesthetics. By streamlining technique-sensitive processes required for producing flexible partials, SensAble’s system helps dental labs to deliver a better fit in less time — with partials that require less chair time for the dentist and provide a better experience for the patient.

Novalar launched OraVerse, a dental anesthesia reversal agent, and it was the pharmaceutical company’s big announcement at the meeting. OraVerse is the first and only local anesthesia reversal agent that accelerates the return to normal sensation and function for patients who want to avoid the unwanted and unnecessary lingering soft tissue anesthesia following routine dental procedures in which a local anesthetic containing a vasoconstrictor was used.

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