At Taub, new generation brings revitalization

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At Taub, new generation brings revitalization


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From left: Ed Matthews, Lawrence Taub and Mike Donohue of TAUB Products, at the 2014 Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta. (Photo: Fred Michmershuizen, DTA)
Dental Tribune USA

By Dental Tribune USA

Mon. 28 July 2014


NEW YORK, N.Y, USA: George Taub Products & Fusion Co. Inc., a longtime manufacturer of dental consumable products, has announced a major revitalization initiative that involves corporate rebranding, a new name and innovative new products. TAUB Products, as the company will now be known, has a new corporate logo, a fresh marketing approach, and soon will be announcing several revolutionary new products.

The effort is part of the company’s commitment to continue to transform and upgrade all systems and standards, to utilize 21st century technology, to streamline operations and increase productivity, and to provide the unsurpassed sales and customer service support.

George Taub Products & Fusion Co. Inc. has been a respected name in the dental industry since the 1930s, when the company introduced innovative new products that shortened the time it took for the lab process to be completed and increased the quality of the restoration. Over the years the company built on this reputation for quality and innovation, and it is that tradition that is being carried forward.

Jordan Taub, vice president at TAUB Products, is the third generation to work for the company. Taub decided it was necessary to revitalize the company brand with a sleek and highly recognizable mark.

“I love my grandfather, but the name ‘George Taub Products and Fusion Co., Inc.’ was just too long. TAUB needed a look that stood out from the crowd. I wanted to create a mark that was unique and fresh, easy to remember, and that retained aspects of previous logos, so it would be familiar to our many loyal customers.”

The new logo will be phased in over the next six months. Also coming soon will be announcements of the new products.

TAUB provides innovative, high quality solutions to dental professionals.

(Source: TAUB Products)

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