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4th Annual DTSC Symposia to be held at Greater N.Y. Dental Meeting

By Julia Wehkamp
June 27, 2011

NEW YORK, NY, USA: The third annual Dental Tribune Study Club (DTSC) Symposia at GNYDM 2010 was a great success, attracting over 2,000 registrants. As the official online education partner of GNYDM, DTSC hosts a focused lecture program on the exhibition floor of this premier attraction for the international dental community.*

In case you are not one of those 2,000 participants who attended, we invite you to view the program online, from the comfort of your own home or practice. Each lecture was recorded and archived on as a C.E. accredited webinar. Please see, where the following archives can be found (feel free to scroll through our extensive C.E. database or use the convenient search function):

  • Dr Howard Glazer - Beautifil: Go with the FLOW
  • Dr John Flucke - Light Cured Adhesive Dentistry - Science and Substance
  • Dr Martin Goldstein - A Simplified Approach to Multi-Layer Direct Composite Bonding
  • Dr Richard Rosenblatt- Digital Impressions: Are they for me?
  • Dr Louis Malcmacher - Total Facial Esthetics for Every Dental Practice
  • Dr Dirk Gieselmann - How aMMP-8 Testing Can Change A Dental Office And The General Health Economy
  • Mrs. Noel Brandon-Kelsch - Eco-Friendly Infection Control
  • Dr Gregori Kurtzman - Understanding adhesives and how to incorporate new advances in dental materials and techniques into your restorative practice
  • Dr Marc Gottlieb - Exciting New Tools for Superb Impressions
  • Dr Marc Gottlieb - A Game-Changing Approach to Difficult Class II Composites.
  • Dr Marc Gottlieb - The Newest Developments in the Art and Science of Air Abrasion
  • Dr Damien Mulvany - Optimizing your practice with 3D Cone-Beam Technology
  • Dr Edward Katz - Improving Patient Care with 3D Cone Beam Computerized Tomography
  • Dr George Freedman, Dr Fay Goldstep and Dr Edward Lynch - Soft Tissue Lasers and Caries Diagnosis
  • Dr Lou Chmura - Soft Tissue Lasers Adjunctive to Orthodontic Treatment
  • Dr Dov Almog - Introduction to CBCT, especially as it pertains to Prevention of Failures in Oral Implantology
  • Dr Bettina Basrani - Cleaning and shaping with new technology
  • Dr Dwayne Karateew - Contemporary Concepts in Tooth Replacement: Paradigm Shift
  • Mr. Al Dube - Mercury amalgam waste and OSHA and regulatory issues affecting dentists
  • Dr Glenn van As - The Role of the Diode Laser in Restorative Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Dr Jeffery Hoos, Dr Dwayne Karateew, Dr Enrique Merino, Dr Ethan Pansick - THE FIRST ANNUAL OSSEO UNIVERSITY SUMMIT: Implant Driven Dentistry

Further, the recorded lectures from GNYDM’s Live Dentistry Arena can also be found under

For the fourth year in a row, dentists can enjoy the DTSC Symposia at the GNYDM, which will include four days of focused lectures in various areas of dentistry. Each day, from November 27-30, will feature a variety of presentations on topics, which will be led by experts in that field. Participants earn ADA CERP C.E. credits. Further details and registration for the 2011 Symposia at GNYDM can be found on Be sure not to miss out!

Further information can be found on Membership is free with access to live and interactive online courses, archived C.E. webinars, expert video blogs, product reviews, discussion areas and more! Keep updated by joining DTSC’s Facebook group! Search us on Facebook under


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