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Interview: ‘We believe that there is still innovation to come for dental implants’

By Dental Tribune USA
March 17, 2021

Dental Tribune America sat down with Dr. Ole T. Jensen, founder of Ditron Dental USA, which just began commercial operations last October, to learn a little more about the company and its plans for the future.

Tell us a little bit about the company — when it was founded, what the main focus is and a few of the key products you offer.

Ditron Dental USA, the U.S. affiliate of Ditron Dental, officially began commercial operations in October 2020. As founder of Ditron Dental USA, I was on a global search for an implant company that made very accurate, well-fitting parts, and I found one, Ditron Dental.

Ditron Dental is a part of Ditron Precision Ltd., which was established in Israel in 1968. The company is a world leader in machining of ultra-precise components and mission critical parts for the aerospace, aeronautical, automotive and medical device industries.

With more than 50 years of experience and state-of-the-art manufacturing, the company produces machined parts for demanding, high-performance cars such as Ferrari, Tesla and Maserati, and the company also makes dental implants.

A few of the key products offered are the two dental implant systems, Ultimate (ULTTM) and Molecular Precision Implants (MPITM). These third-generation implant designs include many progressive features, such as a Reverse Concave Neck (RCN) with micro-threads designed to preserve cortical bone and soft tissue.

In addition, the very precise MolecuLockTM implant-abutment connection provides a very tight bioseal that reduces microgaps to less than 0.5 microns. This bioseal minimizes micromovement and microleakage, preventing the ingress of bacteria and mitigating risks of peri-implant disease.


What are your goals for the company for this year and into the future?

Company goals for 2021 are to continue to build and grow the U.S. commercial operation and continuing to educate clinicians about the simplicity and advantages of the Ditron products. We will offer premium, high-quality components without premium pricing — offering our customers the highest quality at a more affordable price.

Into the future, despite some beliefs that the dental market is commoditized and saturated, we believe that there is still innovation to come for dental implants. We will be working with our clinical advisors to continue to develop next-generation implant designs and technologies to make implant dentistry more predictable and easier.

New innovations and technologies are being pursued to address some of the problems affecting our industry, such as peri-implant disease, as well as to advance opportunities in other areas — for example, the digital workflow.


What do you think readers would be surprised to learn about Ditron Dental?

My motivation for making the leap from clinician to company founder is based on a strong desire to create a company that was clinician driven. Who better to know what is good for our patients than doctor creators?

As we are a doctor-driven company, we have assembled an impressive team of dentists to be involved as part of our clinical advisory board, attracting thought leaders such as John Kois, Curtis Jansen, Dennis Tarnow, Jeff Ganeles, Lou Shuman and Bob Margeas, among others.


Is there anything in particular you would like readers to know about the company or a product you would like them to check out?

The innovations for the company extend beyond the implant designs. We have some very interesting surgical offerings, including a unique Surgical Tube, containing minimal drills for small cases, as well as a D-Tube with Integrated Stopper Drills (with drill stops incorporated).

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