Kettenbach Dental: Innovations that deliver reliability

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Kettenbach Dental: Innovations that deliver reliability

Kettenbach Dental President Jens Kuhn says the company’s greatest strength is listening to dentists and translating what is learned into products that are easy to use, reliable, and consistently achieve predictable results. (Photo: Kettenbach Dental)

Mon. 30 August 2021


When asked what the future holds for Kettenbach Dental, Jens Kuhn, president of the company, offers a simple answer: “We definitely want to become the obvious choice for every dentist, every day.” Since its founding in 1944 and its subsequent invention of the first impression silicone, the company has built a reputation as an innovator of products of the highest-possible quality.

In an interview, Kuhn talks a bit more about the secrets to Kettenbach’s success.

What is the primary goal with each of your product innovations?

“The beauty of working in healthcare is that, by definition, what you do has relevance to people. Staying healthy is very important to all of us. So, our goal is to advance oral medicine every day. To accomplish this, we must listen carefully to dentists and translate their needs into superior product solutions. This means that we must constantly explore and push the boundaries of what is technically possible.

“We want to help dentists and their teams achieve top clinical and esthetic results over and over. This requires predictably high-quality products, technical support where needed and, as technology advances, strong involvement in continuing education. We are working hard to become the ultimate choice of every dentist, every day.”


What can you tell us about the R&D behind Kettenbach products?

“We develop and manufacture every product in our portfolio. Almost 20 percent of our team members work in research, development and quality management. Being a highly specialized manufacturer of dental consumables, we can only justify our existence by developing and manufacturing products that provide dentists with specific benefits. We live by the claim ‘simply intelligent’ by offering products that are intelligent solutions for dentists.”


Which innovations have done the most to move dentistry forward?

“Going back to 1955, when Kettenbach introduced the first silicone-based impression material to dentistry, it’s been our mission to only introduce products that are superior and provide dentists with at least one relevant user benefit. This is demonstrated with every product in our portfolio.

“For example, Panasil, our PVS impression material, was the first product with a heat-sensitive polymerization process, which means it starts setting quickly when it’s exposed to mouth temperature. That is a big advantage, because dentists want a comfortable working time and a short setting time.

“Another product line, Futar D, is the hardest silicone-based bite registration material on the market, which ultimately reduces chairside adjustment time.

“Visalys Temp is the only temporary crown-and-bridge material that is free of BPA and its derivatives. Our latest innovation, Visalys CemCore, is a cement and core buildup material in one product, which simplifies the procedure by reducing the number of steps and products.”


What are Kettenbach’s greatest strengths?

“Our greatest strength is that we listen to dentists — our customers — and translate what we learn into products that are easy to use, reliable, and consistently achieve predictable results. Plus, we only manufacture chemically based consumables, so we stick to what we're good at.”

(Source: Kettenbach Dental)

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