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‘Webinars are the future of dental education’

By Javier Martinez de Pison, DT Latin America
April 16, 2009

MIAMI, FL, USA: “The meetings of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) are an extremely efficient way to exchange research ideas,” said Dr Maria Fidelia de Lima, vice president of IADR, and dean of the Bauru School of Dentistry at the University of Sao Paulo (FOB-Bauru).

The Brazilian researcher, who was recognized for her work at the 87th Session of IADR in Miami, said the association is also strategic for the industry to develop products in exchange for financial support to encourage scientist research awards. A sample of the importance of Brazilian research is that the 90th Session of the IADR will take place in June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

On the other hand, Dr Fidelia de Lima said she was interested in Dental Tribune’s Study Club, a global platform that provides live dental education on the internet.

“I believe continuing education through the Internet is going to be the future of dental education,” said Dr Fidelia de Lima. “Things are changing so quickly in the research world that these long-distance courses are going to be very important.”

As a sample, she said that the University of Sao Paulo has three Schools of Dentistry, and that sometimes it’s almost impossible for a student of the university to attend all the courses. An Internet-based education platform could solve this problem.


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