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Team spirit and an award-winning T-shirt ties Hu-Friedy together to support breast cancer awareness

By Hu-Friedy press release
May 14, 2009

CHICAGO, IL, USA: This year on Mother’s Day morning, Team Hu-Friedy walked proudly through Grant Park and the streets of Chicago with their chests puffed and heads held high. Team Hu-Friedy not only reached their corporate fundraising goal of US$10,000 for the Breast Cancer Network of Strength’s Walk to Empower, but picked up first prize in the organization’s corporate T-shirt design contest, winning much-appreciated compliments and well-deserved bragging rights.

the winning T-shirt designHu-Friedy’s T-shirt design beat out huge names like McDonald’s, United, Grant Thorton, Bumble Bee Tuna and many more. The design was created by Hu-Friedy Graphic Designer Robin Haugen and voted upon collectively by Hu-Friedy employees to represent their company on Walk Day.

The T-Shirt Award is a huge honour, but a more important testament to Hu-Friedy’s team spirit was illustrated in the turnout for the event (close to 75 employees, family members/ friends) and outpouring of support by employees and associates. This was Hu-Friedy third year participating in the Walk to Empower, and the employee involvement remains strong. In addition to the funds raised through corporate activities, special donations were received by members of Hu-Friedy’s online dental hygiene community, Friends of Hu-Friedy. The local Dental Hygiene Association components also showed strong support by sending representatives to join Team Hu-Friedy in the Walk.

Support of the Breast Cancer Network of Strength (formerly known as the Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization) continues to be an important initiative for Hu-Friedy. With sustained donations through instrument sales, Hu-Friedy remains dedicated to fight breast cancer, a disease that directly affects so many of its customers and colleagues.

(Edited by Fred Michmershuizen, DTA)

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