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Pankey Institute receives support from Hu-Friedy in effort to help underserved patients

By Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co. press release
April 06, 2009

CHICAGO, IL, USA: Patients are in need of dental care across the country, but too many unfortunately don’t have the means to acquire treatment. The Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education is working to solve this problem for hundreds of underserved individuals across the United States.

Pankey Dental Access Days staffs dental professionals who volunteer their services on designated days to see patients in need. The dental products and instruments used during Pankey Dental Access Days are donated by various companies, and Hu-Friedy, based in Chicago, IL, USA, is part of the effort. Hu-Friedy is on the docket to contribute a full listing of products and instruments needed to successfully facilitate the care of hundreds of patients the program serves.

According to Hu-Friedy, Pankey Dental Access Days is an initiative the company holds in very high importance, as the undertaking falls directly in line with Hu-Friedy’s mission to “improve lives through dentistry — smile after smile.”

The Pankey Institute sponsors two-day service blitzes to treat over 150 patients each day, providing a minimum of US$125,000 worth of free dentistry. Pankey Dental Access Days is an on-going program with a goal to provide dental services to underserved people across the United States. A fundraising effort to raise US$250,000 to buy equipment and supplies is currently under way.

For more information on Pankey Dental Access Days, call +1 305 428 5548 or visit

(Edited by Fred Michmershuizen, DTI)


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