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Review: CDA meeting in Anaheim

Bartender Britni Lopez, center, mixes up some non-alcoholic beverages to spice up the afternoon at the Gendex booth at the CDA meeting in Anaheim, CA, USA. Sampling the fruity beverages are Dr John Flucke, second from left, Dr David Keen and Tayde M. Soto. (DTI/Photo Sierra Rendon, DTA)
Sierra Rendon & Fred Michmershuizen, DTA

Sierra Rendon & Fred Michmershuizen, DTA

Wed. 19 May 2010


ANAHEIM, USA: The California Dental Association held its spring meeting, CDA Presents The Art and Science of Dentistry, from 13 to 16 May at the Anaheim Convention Center. Meeting organizers said that 26,000 dental professionals from around the world attended to take advantage of educational opportunities, to view new products hall and to network with colleagues.

Many who attended said it felt like time to break out the cocktails and celebrate, because the meeting had so much to get excited about. Dental professionals were able to check out the latest and most innovative products in the industry while also experiencing top-notch educational opportunities and various forms of social networking.

New products in the exhibit hall
For the latest technology, products and services in dentistry, meeting attendees visited the exhibit hall. In all, approximately 600 companies showcased their offerings. The Anaheim show also featured about 40 product launches.

One of them made an especially big splash. The new GX S-700 by Gendex received a special ‘RaYve’ presentation on Friday, 14 May. After promoting its special event all day with non-alcoholic mixed drinks, Gendex invited attendees to experience the innovative qualities of its products, such as the GX S-700 sensor and the GXCB-500 HD, a high-definition cone-beam scanner featuring 2-D or 3-D scans.


“We’re very excited to have this amazing platform at this thriving show to let people have the opportunity to come see what’s new and get in on the excitement for these new products,” Bill Popek, director of sales for Gendex, told Dental Tribune at the meeting.

Many other companies promoted new, interesting and cutting-edge products at CDA. Here is a sampling of the array of offerings meeting attendees could view in the exhibit hall:

  • Technological treats: The software corporation Sikka, which has been helping practices stay organized for more than six years, offered the ‘Virtusphere’ at the show. The giant ball, which looks like a cross between a spinning hamster wheel and the Epcot Center ball, offered users a chance to play a virtual reality game.
  • Saving the day: At the SuperMedia booth, reps were dressed as superheroes as they helped dentists with targeted Internet, print and direct mail solutions.
  • Supplies: At the Dr. Fresh booth, attendees could check out a wide array of smileguards and pediatric toothbrushes, including the Firefly, flashing toothbrushes and pre-pasted and disposable toothbrushes. Dr. Fresh offered discounts and door-busters, as well as some buy-one, get-one-free specials.
  • Accelerate your life: At the U.S. Navy Recruiting booth, meeting attendees could take a virtual simulation tour, including the sounds (and smells!) of life with the Navy.
  • Desktop laser: At Discus Dental, meeting attendees were able to give the SoftLase Pro Desktop Laser a try. Reps said the soft-tissue laser is easy to use, affordable and delivers a high standard of care.
  • Next-generation whiteners: SPRAY-WHITE PRO, a next-generation teeth whitener with oral-hygiene benefits, was introduced by WOW Oral Care, a division of Carson Laboratories. According to the company, the patented SPRAYWHITE System removes stains and helps prevent gum irritation and whitens teeth faster, simpler and easier. It also reduces sensitivity while freshening breath and leaving teeth squeaky clean.
  • New implant impression trays: Hager Worldwide offered its new MiraTray Implant Advanced, an implant impression tray with foil technology. Reps said the product eliminates the need for customized trays and saves the practitioner on patient visits. The abutments are easy to use and are clearly visible through the foil. The product is available in three sizes each for maxilla and mandible, for dentulous and edentulous jaws.
  • Whitening to go: Keith Rodbell, founding partner of Whiter Image, showcased a trio of whitening products that could seriously change the way a dental practice handles whitening. At the Pac-Dent booth, visitors could check out the Chic-Flic toGO pen, the Whiter Image ToGO pen and the premium prefilled teeth whitening tray. Rodbell said his products recently sold out in the first day of the American Association of Orthodontists meeting in early May.
  • Award-winning product: C. Brian Melonakas, Shofu president, was pleased to share with CDA attendees that his company’s product, BeautiBond, received both a 5-star rating and the Editor’s Choice designation from Dental Advisor.
  • No-mess brushing: Scott Jacobs, creator of Archtek toothpaste tablets, said his toothpaste tablets are the only product like this on the market. They’re more sanitary than paste (no microbial transmission from toothpaste swiping); they’re more eco-friendly (the packaging is completely recyclable, whereas 560 million toothpaste tubes are dumped into landfills each year); they’re small, lightweight and travel-friendly; they provide the exact correct dosage; and they contain Xylitol and ExoCyanCran to deplaque teeth.
  • Marketing advice: Fred Joyal, creator of 1-800-Dentist, who culls information from his 25 years of experience in the dental industry in his new book, Everything is Marketing: The Ultimate Strategy for Dental Practice Growth, was on hand to share his expertise with meeting attendees.
  • Surgical motor system: Nouvag offered a powerful, user-friendly surgical motor system used for general oral surgery, implantology and all kinds of microsurgery procedures. Some of the product’s features are: footpedal IP68 for use in operation theater; ultra-quiet peristaltic pump; quick-set up in all functions; alarm buzzer in reverse mode; RS-232 interface for printer; and much more.
  • iLase launches: Biolase celebrated the release of the iLase, the world’s first personal laser for dentists and hygienists for performing a full-range of minimally invasive soft-tissue and hygiene procedures. The company hosted a conference with champagne and treats at its booth and handed out the iLase to the first person who purchased it.

Educational highlights

The meeting offered an excellent opportunity for attendees to fulfill continuing education requirements in a fun, exciting atmosphere — and at record speed. The meeting’s workshops, free lectures and other C.E. opportunities offered a convenient way for dental professionals to meet license renewal requirements.

Featured presentations included the following:

  • The New Quarterback: A New 2010 Treatment Planning Playbook for the General Dentist, presented by Terry Tanaka, DDS.
  • Update in Esthetic Restorative Dentistry, presented by Terry Donovan, DDS.
  • Managing the Endodontic Infection, presented by Kenneth M. Hargreaves, DDS, PhD.
  • Bread-and-Butter Adhesive and Restorative Dentistry, presented by Harold O. Heymann, DDS, Med.
  • Esthetic Continuum Workshop, presented by Brian P. LeSage, DDS, FAACD, and 
Edward A. McLaren, DDS.

The Dental Board of California divides continuing education courses into two categories. Category I courses must make up a minimum of 80 per cent of the credits in a renewal cycle. Courses in this category shall include courses in the actual delivery of dental services to the patient or the community. Category II courses can make up only 20 per cent of the credits in a renewal cycle. Courses in this category shall include other courses directly related to the practice of dentistry.

For every renewal cycle, California state law requires licensed dentists and allied dental health professionals to complete two units in infection control and two units in the California Dental Practice Act. Licensees are also required to complete a course in Basic Life Support.

CDA Presents also featured a limited networking opportunity for attendees — lunch with two of the top speakers. These special events offered participants the chance to get to know the speakers while enjoying a meal. Participants can choose the topics they would like to discuss in a roundtable setting. Lunches with Terry T. Tanaka, DDS, and with Harald O. Heymann, DDS, Med were held.

(For even more news about the education at the CDA meeting, see the related article, CDA meeting offers plenty of education.)

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