Meeting review: ADA 2018 in Honolulu

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Meeting review: ADA 2018 in Honolulu

ADA 2018 — America’s Dental Meeting, was held Oct. 18 to 22 in Honolulu. (Photo: Robert Selleck/DTA)
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Tue. 23 October 2018


HONOLULU, Hawaii, USA: There is nothing like a dental meeting in Hawaii. The beach is down the street, the exhibit hall is full of the best products and technology, and, at ADA 2018 — America’s Dental Meeting, which was held Oct. 18 to 22, the continuing education was in a league of its own.

According to the ADA 2018 organizing committee, this year many of the education offerings came via requests from members, including special courses on sleep medicine, minimally invasive dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, mouth inflammation and the relationship between oral health and overall health.

Returning highlights of the meeting included campfire sessions (informal group discussions with experts and speakers) and the Women in Dentistry Leadership Series, which was first introduced at the 2017 annual meeting and featured leadership talks from female thought leaders. This program, sponsored by Crest + Oral-B, returned with keynote courses and deep-dive conversations and took place daily. There was also a learning lounge for networking and facilitated programming.

Tasha Eurich presented “Self Awareness: The Path to Success in Your Practice and Life.” An organizational psychologist, Eurich helped attendees discover how self-awareness can make them a more confident, respected and effective leader.

Kindra Hall presented “It's OK to Celebrate Your Accomplishments.” A columnist at, Hall showed attendees how crafting their story to illustrate their achievements can be effective.

Michelle Poler presented “Fear Less, Do More.” A TEDx speaker, researcher and influencer, Poler challenged attendees to get out of their comfort zone and tap into their full potential.

The New and Emerging Speaker Series also returned to the ADA this year. The series offers up-and-coming educators the chance to be part of the official speaker series lineup at annual meetings. Two presenters were selected to be part of this year’s lineup after delivering talks at ADA 2017 in Atlanta. Kelli Jaecks offered “Martinis and Menopause: Implications for Women's Health.” She also presented the course “Body on Fire: Inflammation's Role in Oral-Systemic Links.” Jaecks, on the Oregon Oral Health Coalition Board and president of Verbal Impact!, published a book this year called "Martinis and Menopause: Strategies, Science and Sips that Empower Women to Beat the Hormone Groan."

Dr. Amy Dayries-Ling, a general dentist in the Atlanta suburbs, presented two courses: “Integrating Whole Body Health in the Hygiene Chair” and “Holistic Dentistry: Practical Applications to Support Health.”



All in all, a diverse range of educational topics was covered in the schedule, featuring world-class speakers and pillars in the dental industry. From hygiene to minimally invasive dentistry to team building, attendees were sure to find a lecture, workshop or exhibit-hall demonstration to fit their exact needs.

At the same time, the many exhibiting companies were available in the exhibit hall, giving attendees the opportunity to test out the latest products on the market and ask questions of the experts.

Over at the Henry Schein One booth, for instance, the company showcased the new Dentrix G7, featuring integration with imaging software and Dentrix Smart Image. By integrating imaging solutions through Dentrix Smart Image, practitioners can access images from a single place in Dentrix — the Patient Chart — which improves workflows for case diagnosis and acceptance. This award-winning practice-management system integrates with the industry’s leading digital-imaging solutions to enhance both clinical and financial workflow and improve efficiencies for diagnosis and billing.

New technology was also available at the Designs for Vision booth. The company’s new LED DayLite Micro HDi uses new high-definition imaging in an ultra-lightweight headlight in combination with the new Micro power pack. According to the company, the Micro is the market’s lightest and smallest power pack. The complete unit includes two power packs, and each power pack can run up to 10 hours. Designs for Vision also has added high-definition imaging to the LED DayLite WireLess Mini HDi, providing a lightweight cordless solution with light intensity comparable to many corded headlights. You can choose high-definition imaging with either a wired or wireless design to meet your preference, and either HDi headlight will illuminate the entire oral cavity.

At Solvay 360, attendees could handle an Ultaire AKP partial to see how the aryl ketone polymer provides a biocompatible, lightweight, metal-free, non-irritating and more esthetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal RPD frames.

In the Shofu Dental booths, you cold see a demonstration of the new EyeSpecial C-III dental camera. The EyeSpecial C-III, is packed with upgrades, including a larger sensor, a faster processor, optimized software and a higher resolution LCD screen, all of which will help the entire dental team master photography tasks in a more intuitive, faster and easier fashion.

You could learn all about the 430SWL Torque Flex handpiece in the DentalEZ booth. The handpiece combines the power of the Star-Dental 430 Torque with flex coupling. With 31 watts of power, the 430SWL Torque Flex has the power you need for all of your high-speed procedures, according to the company.

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