Interview: Setting the highest possible standard in endodontics

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Interview: Setting the highest possible standard in endodontics

In an interview, Brett E. Gilbert, DDS, of King Endodontics in Niles, Ill., discusses the GentleWave system by Sonendo. (Photo: King Endodontics)
Dr. Fred Weinstein

Dr. Fred Weinstein

Wed. 22 April 2015


A newly developed system for endodontic cleaning and disinfection — GentleWave — utilizes broad-spectrum acoustic energy to remove all pulp tissue, debris, decay and bacteria from the entire root canal system. This pioneering technology — developed by Sonendo — employs advanced fluid dynamics and hydroacoustics to create effective cleaning.

According to Sonendo, GentleWave delivers multiple, various and specific wavelengths of sound, delivering energy over a broad range of frequencies to remove unhealthy pulp tissue and bacteria safely, regardless of the complexity of the canal system.

In an interview, Brett E. Gilbert, DDS, of King Endodontics, in Niles, Ill., discusses his experience using this new system in clinical practice.

Incorporating new technology into your practice seems to be important to you. Why is that?
The primary reason I pursue new technologies for my practice is to provide the best possible treatment for my patients. I believe that the Sonendo GentleWave system accomplishes this goal. As a full time clinician and an endodontic educator for over 11 years, being at the leading edge of this technology allows me to lead by example among my peers. I believe that we have found the next level of clinical excellence with this modality.

Bringing any new procedure-based technology into your practice can be a significant undertaking when you consider the amount of training involved. What did you do to ensure this learning was as short as possible?
Any alteration to the treatment protocol of a smoothly running endodontic practice will be challenging. To my delight, the training my staff and I received from the Sonendo team allowed us to incorporate the GentleWave system with ease. Sonendo provided an in-depth and practical two-day training program that allowed me to learn the clinical skills needed for the procedure. A Sonendo clinical support specialist was then present on site in my office for two weeks. The transition to using the GentleWave was smooth, quick and very effective. Within a few days we were efficiently performing GentleWave cases on a regular basis.

What do you like best about this new technology?
I love the GentleWave system because it advances the science of endodontics beyond anything previously achievable. The creation of Multisonic Ultracleaning by Sonendo delivers true cleaning from crown to apex, a new reality for my patients and the highest possible standard for my practice.

One of the keys to a successful endodontic practice is an effective referral base communication strategy. How is Sonendo helping you with this?
Sonendo has a marketing team and approach that guided my practice in announcing, presenting and promoting the GentleWave technology to my referral base. They have a marketing program to provide the materials and guidance needed to successfully help build referrals. They provide printed materials, website materials and support for planning and running a successful event to showcase the Gentle Wave system in the practice.
The marketing team also has a public awareness campaign to educate patients directly about how root canal therapy with the GentleWave can increase the ability of endodontists to save their natural teeth.

Anything you would like to add?
I am beyond excited about how this new innovation allows us to completely clean root canal systems safely and efficiently while maintaining the structural stability that natural tooth structure provides. The GentleWave provides completely clean root canal systems from crown to apex, regardless of complexity — something that throughout our history has been impossible to accomplish.

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See it at AAE15

Attendees at AAE15, the American Association of Endodontists annual meeting, being held May 6-9 in Seattle, will be able to view the GentleWave system and take part in demonstrations at the Sonendo booth, No. 133.

Sonendo has grown from a concept in 2006 to its selective commercial release today. The device is FDA cleared.

This article was published in Roots, the international C.E. magazine of endodontics, International Edition, Vol. 6, Issue 2, 2015.


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