Family-owned Flow Dental adds to digital imaging line

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Family-owned Flow Dental adds to digital imaging line

Flow’s Safe’n’Sure OPT-style PSP covers are for plates that include magnets. Flow pre-loads the cardboard insert halfway into the PSP envelope, eliminating a time-consuming step and assuring the plate can never be loaded incorrectly. (Photo: Flow Dental)
Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Tue. 7 April 2015


Flow Dental, long a leading manufacturer of dental film and film accessories, has transformed its product portfolio to also include unique products essential to every dental practice that has gone digital. “We determined that our relevancy in a digital world would hinge on our ability to provide dentists with accessories that improve sensor or PSP [phosphor storage plate] usage and augment procedure work-flow. No pun intended,” said Bill Winters, president of Flow Dental.

“Dentists have really responded to our digital products. They recognize the added value we put into each product. They don’t buy our products based on price; they buy based on the benefits to their practice and their patients,” Winters said.

In today’s PSP market, for example, one in eight phosphor plate users relies on Flow’s Safe’n’Sure line of PSP envelopes. Safe’n’Sure’s three product styles offer time-saving solutions to enhance throughput and productivity, while helping to extend the life and usage of the phosphor plates. A great example of this is Flow’s Safe’n’Sure OPT style. These PSP covers are designed for plates that include magnets, which account for about 25 percent of the market. Unlike any other product, Flow pre-loads the cardboard insert halfway into the PSP envelope. Not only does this remove a time-consuming step, but it also assures that the plate can never be loaded incorrectly (because the magnet on the plate must line up with the cut-out on the cardboard insert). To enhance removal of the plate, the OPT has a unique butterfly seam that enables the user to easily remove the plate with touching it — thus prolonging and preserving longevity of the plates.

Flow’s Deluxe Safe’n’Sure line was recently featured in a review by Clinical Research Associates. More than 75 percent of dentists who reviewed Flow’s Deluxe Safe’n’Sure would recommend it to their peers.

In the sensor area, Flow distinguishes itself with its new Snuggies, an adjustable sensor sleeve. Snuggies enables the user to cinch-tight the sleeve around the sensor, regardless of sensor size or thickness. This means the operator no longer must twist the sleeve around the sensor cable to keep it in place. These type of details help office productivity and reduce expensive sensor repairs or replacements.

Other sensor accessories include the Sensible’s adjustable sensor positioner, which enables the user to move from an anterior to a posterior to even a bitewing position — all with the same bite block. The bite block can be adjusted to the midline of any sensor, whether horizontally or vertically placed. It’s the only sensor positioner that can do all this.

Flow Dental is far from finished re-inventing itself. Its newest product is the Exposure line of articulating strips. “As a leader in diagnostic products, we felt extending our line into this area made sense. Plus we built the machinery to make it right here in the USA,” Winters said.

Exposure articulating strips eliminate the need for forceps. They come with their own handles. “They’re easy to use and long enough to reach the back molars” Winters said. “Dentists will appreciate the added convenience of not having to search for forceps or get the ink all over their gloves.”

Flow recently celebrated 40 years in business. Its sister company, Wolf X-Ray, is celebrating more than 80 years in medical imaging. “As a family-owned business — much like the majority of dental offices we service — we are proud to be a valued provider of unique and elegant products; and the best is yet to come,” Winters said

For more information on Flow’s products, visit or contact your local dealer.

(Source: Flow Dental)


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