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Tokuyama adds bulk fill to the OMNICHROMA line

Photo: Provided by Tokuyama

Sat. 25 February 2023


OMNICHROMA’s launch at the 2019 CDS Midwinter Meeting sent shockwaves through the dental community — a single-shade composite capable of shade matching any tooth color from A1 to D4.

Building on the industry’s appetite for high esthetics with simplified techniques, Tokuyama Dental America released a flowable, OMNICHROMA Flow, in 2021. The award-winning composite line returns to CDS this year for the launch of their newest bulk fill — OMNICHROMA Flow BULK.

The latest innovation was announced to current Tokuyama customers a month before the launch in an eblast.

“Our mission to innovate dentistry continues with the launch of OMNICHROMA Flow BULK. The latest addition to our award-winning portfolio advances the benefits of a single-shade composite to bulk fills,” shared Shotaro Matsubara, CEO of Tokuyama Dental America.

“Tokuyama Dental strives to make the clinician’s workday as easy as possible with restorative products that deliver consistent quality with cost and time savings. We believe OMNICHROMA Flow BULK delivers on that promise and adds a new restorative solution to the dentist’s armamentarium.”

OMNICHROMA Flow BULK is a bulk fill flowable universal composite that matches every patient’s tooth color with a single shade. It is a low viscosity, light-cured material, which can be placed in 3.5 mm increments. Rather than relying on dyes and pigments, this composite utilizes structural color to shade-match. This is made possible by Tokuyama Dental’s patented Smart Chromatic Technology. Its 260 nm supra-nano spherical fillers are the precise size and shape necessary to generate the red-to-yellow color range of human teeth.

As ambient light reflects off the surrounding dentition and passes through the composite, it creates a seamless match — even after bleaching. This technology was developed through 35 years of research and development.

OMNICHROMA Flow BULK has the same reliable shade-matching properties as OMNICHROMA and OMNICHROMA Flow, and all are suitable for a wide range of restorations. The product family gives clinicians a choice with different viscosities to address all direct restorative needs.

OMNICHROMA products are indicated for all classes of direct anterior and posterior restorations, diastema closures, veneers, and repair of composites/porcelain. These options save doctors time and money by eliminating the need for shade selection, minimizing product waste and streamlining the restorative process.

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