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Enable your future with E4D Dentist

Dr Ed Suh lectures nationally on adhesive dentistry, CAD/CAM, esthetic case planning and practice management.
Dr Ed Suh, USA

Dr Ed Suh, USA

Thu. 10 December 2009


If there is one lesson learned from the past few years, it is that the strong will survive (‘As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it. — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). Businesses and companies that simply survived due to strong economic conditions have not weathered the storm successfully.

As a profession that relies much on the discretionary income of our patient base, we realize that we are not benign from the environment surrounding us. Therefore, we have all made business decisions congruent with the current economic times.

For some, we have looked to retract. We have quickly evaluated our practices and removed the excess baggage in order to make ourselves more efficient.

With 2010 quickly upon us, I believe that it is now time for the prudent business owner to make the decisions necessary to propel our practices into a flourishing future.

Technology has been a critical component for all of our practices. Whether or not you believe in CAD/CAM dentistry, the technology is here to stay.

While many have argued that restorations produced chairside have a poor esthetic appearance, fail from a functional standpoint and are not a financially wise decision, thousands of clinicians have utilized this technology successfully and thousands of patients have benefitted from it. The technology that exists today is no compromise in the form, fit or function of anything you would expect or demand from more conventional methods.

The E4D Dentist system is the newest player in this market, and yet it has already been available for two years and in development for seven. The technology that this chairside unit utilizes enables the clinician to produce an unbelievably well-fitting restoration with incredible ease. In fact, the technology is so user friendly that most clinicians will be able to hand off the design process to their trained auxiliaries, freeing up their time to produce more dentistry.

Training at E4D University is excellent, mandatory and included in the price of the system — for two! You can then decide on any number of ways to utilize the E4D in your office, whether you delegate its operation to team members or do it yourself.

Patients getting veneers in one day used to be reserved only for those dentists who charged a fortune and had a laboratory technician on-site. We are now able to design up to 16 units simultaneously with E4D’s intuitive DentaLogic software.

Not only does D4D Technologies (manufacturer of the E4D Dentist System) have its S.O.S. (Support-on-Sight) remote service if you get stuck, have a question or need advice, but it also has ongoing advanced training courses taught by the incredible faculty members at E4D University.

And, all E4D owners are welcome to be a part of the special online community just for ECO members (E4D Clinical Operators) where you can communicate with other users on the ECO forum and download useful resources.

The E4D is here to stay, and D4D Technologies is constantly finding new ways to be innovative in the dental industry. Take the time to do your “due diligence,” and learn about the E4D.

About the author

Dr Ed Suh is the clinical director at the Nash Institute for Dental Learning and the restorative director for the Raleigh Chapter of the Seattle Study Club. His presentations bring a true down-to-earth, realistic and practical approach to increasing profitability and enjoyment in dentistry. He owns and operates a private practice just outside of Raleigh, NC, USA He lectures nationally on topics including adhesive dentistry, CAD/CAM, esthetic case planning and practice management.

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