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Dentists dish on their top 10 fantasy patients

By Keri Kramer, Chicago Dental Society
April 12, 2010

Who would dentists dream to see in their chair? The world’s best known personalities have dental needs too. But what could modern dental treatments do for some of history’s famous figures? What fictional characters could use some real time with a dentist?

The Chicago Dental Society surveyed more than 250 members to find out which patients— real, fake, alive or dead—they’d most like to see in their chair.

Imagine this eclectic list of patients together in a waiting room:

10) Dracula. Twilight fever has left our dentists wondering about those pointy teeth. Are they hollow like drinking straws? Can blood drinking cause cavities?

9) Elvis Presley. A visit with the King might finally put to rest those rumors about his death, but dentists are also curious about what cosmetic dental work was like in the 1960s.

8) Mona Lisa. Was a poor smile the reason the subject of the famous painting stayed tightlipped?

7) President Barack Obama. Bragging rights aside, dentists are generally concerned with our presidents’ oral health—from the effects of his smoking to jaw clenching.

6) Julia Child. How was the oral health of one of America’s greatest cooking legends? Our dentists would like to know, and maybe also swap recipes.

5) Tiger Woods. Some dentists admit they want the scoop on his 'transgressions' first hand. Others are just seeking a great golf partner. One wants to fix Tiger’s 'pesky' discolored tooth.

4) Albert Einstein. Access to one of the greatest minds ever would certainly make for great conversation.

3) Jesus. Self-explanatory!

2) G.V. Black (known as the Founding Father of Modern Dentistry) Quite unanimously, dentists agreed treating him would be an honor.

And the No. 1 patient dentists would like to see in their practice:

George Washington. Two words: wooden teeth.

The survey was conducted before the Chicago Dental Society’s 145th annual Midwinter Meeting, which brought more than 30,000 dental professionals to Chicago in February. The Midwinter Meeting is a forum for dentists to learn about new products, technologies and methods.

(Edited by Fred Michmershuizen, DTA)

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