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BING Innovations brings manufacturing and assembly back to United States

It’s made in the USA from now on for BING Innovations, manufacturer of the DentalVibe. (DTI/Photo

Thu. 23 August 2012


BING Innovations, manufacturer of the DentalVibe® Injection Comfort System, has announced the return of its manufacturing and product assembly to the United States. According to the company, a new partnership with Contract Manufacturing Systems (CMSI), located in Weston, Fla., and Florida Custom Mold in Odessa, Fla., will allow DentalVibe to ensure maximum production and distribution on a domestic basis for the first time.

DentalVibe uses VibraPulse® technology to send soothing pulsations into the oral cavity during the needle injection process, leaving patients with a painless and stress-free experience. DentalVibe uses “The Gate Control Theory of Pain” to completely block the sensation of pain, creating a painless dental experience for children and adults nationwide.

“Since its inception, the DentalVibe has been manufactured outside the United States,” said Glenn Riser, CEO of BING Innovations. “We are excited to bring manufacturing and distribution back home to Florida with two highly reputable technology design companies like CMSI and Florida Custom Mold. The partnerships are effective immediately, and we hope to produce more than 100,000 devices here in the U.S. in 2013.”

Contract Manufacturing Systems (CMSI) is a contract manufacturing facility for cutting-edge technologies, instrumentation and related services. The company recently welcomed a mechanical engineer and assembler to its team as a result of the new relationship with DentalVibe. CMSI estimates that by the end of the calendar year, it will hire an additional five to six employees to support assembly and engineering efforts.

“The DentalVibe is the only product of its kind,” said CMSI President Edwin Aguilera, “and we are very confident that we can provide the instrumentation and execution that will allow DentalVibe to be manufactured and distributed more efficiently in the United States.”

Through CMSI as the primary contractor, BING Innovations also entered into a new partnership with Florida Custom Mold (FCM), a manufacturing company based in Odessa, Fla. Florida Custom Mold specializes in tool design and development for both aluminum and steel, as well as injection molding, particularly for the medical and communications industries.

“Thousands of dentists across the U.S. use the DentalVibe, and we are honored to be part of the revolution,” said Mike Cave of FCM. “We look forward to working with the DentalVibe and CMSI teams in creating an extraordinary piece of equipment right here in the United States.”

(Source: BING Innovations)

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