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The Osstell Beacon is described as a new, innovative and highly intuitive tool designed to assess dental implant stability. (Photo: Osstell)

Osstell Beacon is now available in the United States

By Dental Tribune USA
September 04, 2019

Osstell, developer of the proprietary diagnostic technology Osstell ISQ (Implant Stability Quotient), has announced that the Osstell Beacon is now available in the United States after receiving clearance from the FDA. The Osstell Beacon is described as a new, innovative and highly intuitive tool designed to assess dental implant stability.

Patients — the priority for Osstell and its users — are increasingly well informed before seeking implant treatment and are often aware of available treatment options, the company said in a press release. They are increasingly expecting shorter treatment protocols. In addition, there is a growing, aging and medically compromised patient population where healing for many reasons can be unpredictable.

In order to meet these demands and changing demographics, the company said, there is a need for innovative diagnostic tools to help the individual clinician deliver these treatment protocols while ensuring predictability and patient satisfaction.

In more than 1,000 studies where Osstell ISQ technology has been used, evidence shows that Osstell ISQ diagnostics can help improve outcomes and quality, using objective data to guide and optimize the implant treatment for both complex and more straightforward cases, the company said.

According to the company, features and benefits of the new technology include the following:

  • Optimize restorative protocol: Know when to load — The Osstell ISQ technology can assist when determining the patient specific restorative protocol. It can help the clinician to decide when each implant of individual patient is ready to be restored both with temporary solutions as well as the final restoration.
  • Ease of use: The Osstell Beacon makes the stability measurement very intuitive. Having the Osstell ISQ measurements presented also with a colored indication on the instrument, which is a result of the clinical evidence from using the Osstell ISQ scale, gives visual aid of the implant stability status.

“We have listened to our users who need easy to use and intuitive tools to assess implant stability,” said Stefan Horn, vice president product development, Osstell. “Accordingly, we have developed a complement to the more comprehensive Osstell IDx to meet the needs from all clinicians, from small private practices to large university clinics.”

“Although very advanced on the inside, we believe that the Osstell Beacon will be appreciated for its ease of use and making the stability measurement very intuitive,” Horn said.

Osstell is currently also focusing on developing a new concept combining the best of the Osstell Beacon and the current Osstell IDx, the company said. This concept, called Osstell IDx Pro, will allow the user to take a measurement with the wireless, smart and very intuitive Osstell Beacon and visualize implant stability development on the large display and comprehensive user interface of the Osstell IDx, combined with patient data storage and full connectivity.

“Osstell’s innovative and patented technology helps dentists around the world to make dental implant treatments more predictable, thereby helping clinicians improve patient confidence and comfort,” said Jonas Ehinger, CEO of Osstell. “We always aim to serve our customers and users with ever better products and services as well as helping them to provide best practice services to their customers – the patients. Patients’ wellbeing is always the top priority.”

“With this – the Osstell Beacon – being the newest addition we take another important major step toward making our technology, products and our approach even more accessible,” Ehinger said.

The Osstell Beacon is available in 49 countries across the world. Additional markets will follow pending regulatory approval processes, the company said.

(Source: Osstell)

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