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Solmetex donates amalgam separation equipment to charitable mobile clinics

By Kristine Colker / USA
June 26, 2019

NORTHBOROUGH, Mass., USA: Solmetex, a global provider of amalgam separation technology and dental waste management solutions, recently announced its continued support via a product donation for America’s Dentists Care Foundation (ADCF) in equipping Mission of Mercy and other mobile charitable dental clinics.

To ensure the mobile charitable clinics continue to successfully function in compliance with current EPA regulation on the proper handling of amalgam waste, Solmetex has donated 12 NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separators and 120 NXT Hg5 Collection Containers with Recycling to be used by the foundation’s mobile clinic operations through December 2020.

According to Solmetex, the value of the product donation is more than $50,000.

“Solmetex strives to a ‘standard of excellence’ in our environmental products and our approach in the dental industry,” said Kevin Danahy, president of Solmetex, in a press release announcing the product donation. “We see this same standard of excellence being applied to ADCF and their inspiring work with communities in need. ADCF gives from the heart, and we want to take part.”

Founded in 2008, ADCF provides the equipment and expertise necessary to properly support mobile charitable clinics that provide free oral health care to uninsured or underinsured adults and children across the United States. Since 2008, ADCF-supported clinics have proved $200 million in care to more than 285,000 patients in 31 states.

This year, ADCF is equipping 29 mobile clinics across America. Solmetex is supporting ADCF by providing NXT Hg5 Amalgam Separators and Collection Containers for every clinic the foundation supports throughout this year and next year. The equipment ensures the safe removal of mercury and other harmful metals from dental practice wastewater in the effort to reduce contamination of public water supplies.

(Source: Solmetex)

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