‘Smile Experience’ exhibit to open at National Museum of Dentistry

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‘Smile Experience’ exhibit to open at National Museum of Dentistry


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A girl from Gambia flashes her smile.
National Museum Of Dentistry press release

National Museum Of Dentistry press release

Tue. 12 May 2009


BALTIMORE, MD, USA: The National Museum of Dentistry will open a new exhibit, The Smile Experience, on 6 June. The multimedia presentation will reveal the amazing power of a smile, from a historical look at how people have sought to enhance their smiles since ancient times to the impact that modern cosmetic dentistry now has on creating healthy smiles that give people confidence and change lives.

“People have always wanted a beautiful smile, but how they achieved that has changed over time,” said National Museum of Dentistry Executive Director Rosemary Fetter. “The Smile Experience reveals the power of a healthy smile and pays tribute to the achievements of Dr Irwin Smigel, known as the father of aesthetic dentistry.”

The Smile Experience begins with an interactive station where visitors can take a snapshot of their own unique smile and instantly upload it to the Wall of Smiles monitor. It continues with a video presentation that takes visitors on a journey around the world to reveal the beauty of a smile in all cultures and ages. Viewers will see how people have enhanced their smiles throughout history — from the ancient Mayans, who decorated their teeth with jade, and the Elizabethans, who whitened their teeth with acid, to Dr Smigel’s introduction of tooth bonding to the American public on the popular TV show That’s Incredible, the beginning of the modern age of cosmetic dentistry.

Visitors can test their celebrity savvy by matching the signature smiles of iconic stars of movies, sports and music with their owners in the Guess the Smile game, then explore Dr Smigel’s actual before-and after cases that reveal the science and artistry of cosmetic dentistry through remarkable real-life smile transformations.

“I am humbled by this extraordinary tribute,” said Dr Smigel. “I hope this exhibit will help educate the thousands of children and families who visit each year about the importance of developing good oral care habits early, and the joy of a healthy smile. Clean, healthy teeth are a marker of good health and happiness.”

This new interactive exhibit will be installed in the museum’s 32 Terrific Teeth galleries, an homage to the noble dentist and all things tooth-related in modern culture. The National Museum of Dentistry, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, is a lively national center where visitors learn the importance of a healthy smile and the rich history of dentistry. Recognized for its innovative exhibits and programs that educate the public about the importance of oral health in a healthy life, the museum attracts 10,000 visitors per year.

Visitors to the National Museum of Dentistry can also see amazing teeth feats, marvel at George Washington’s choppers, sing along to vintage toothpaste commercials and discover fascinating hands-on exhibitions about the power of a healthy smile. Recognized for its innovative exhibits and programmes that educate the public about the importance of oral health in a healthy life, the museum is designated by Congress as the official museum of the dental profession in the United States. This one-of-a-kind museum is located at 31 S. Greene Street on the campus of the University of Maryland Baltimore — home of the world’s first dental school. For more information, visit www.smile-experience.org.

(Edited by Fred Michmershuizen, DTA)

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