Modernize your practice overnight to meet post-pandemic expectations

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Modernize your practice overnight to meet post-pandemic expectations


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Patients today want the same convenience they enjoy with Amazon to be applied to everything. (Photo: Simplifeye)

Mon. 28 June 2021


The pandemic changed so much of our lives and propelled the rapid adoption of technology by all ages. Now, patients want the same convenience they enjoy with Amazon to be applied to everything. They want to be able to find information online, pay online, make appointments online and be able to reach customer service 24/7.

That’s why Ryan Hungate, DDS, founded Simplifeye. He drew upon his experience designing the in-store workflow still used by Apple stores today to design front desk workflow solutions for dental practices.

Simplify scheduling

More than 8,000 dentists and health-care professionals use Simplifeye’s 24/7 live chat service.

“It’s another tool to help patients be able to reach you,” said John Flucke, DDS. “When they’re looking for a dentist, they go to Google and find your website. They want to deal with it right now, and live chat lets them get the answers they need. It lets you strike while the iron is hot.”

Simplifeye’s chat team answers questions and gathers the contact information, insurance details and reason for the visit. It can either directly schedule into most practice management systems or securely share the details so the dental practice can finalize the appointment.

Letting patients self-schedule is another easy way to increase appointments. Adding a “Book Now” button to your website, map listings, Facebook and Yelp takes only a few minutes and lets patients book their appointments at their convenience while you remain in complete control of your schedule. You decide which treatments patients can book online and when.

Simplify recare/reactivation

Modern tools make it easy to remind patients to return to your practice. Identify your ideal patients with incomplete treatment and text them when you have an appropriate opening. Simplifeye’s text-to-schedule recare and reactivation reminders include a link to book just in the time frames you identified or directs the patient to call the practice to schedule.

Simplify payment

The pandemic meant more people than ever were shopping online. They became used to entering their credit card online once and having it saved so they didn’t have to type it in every time. They also liked having the option to split the cost into monthly payments.

The same payment options can be added for your practice, making the cost of treatment more affordable and increasing case acceptance. Look for a merchant services provider that enables soft credit checks, has an online payment portal and includes the option for 0 percent credit card processing fees. Also ask if it provides a wireless card processing terminal so patients can pay chairside.

Your patients have become used to the convenience of booking and paying online, texting instead of calling, and being able to find information any time. By incorporating this same technology into your practice, you will have a competitive advantage to gain new patients and improve your relationship with your current patients, too.

(Source: Simplifeye)

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