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How to use your dental practice data to increase your treatment acceptance rate

Jarvis Analytics for Private Practices can help you unleash your data to fuel your growth. (Photo: Provided by Henry Schein One)
Henry Schein One Staff

Henry Schein One Staff

Mon. 21 February 2022


You know that treatment acceptance is a key performance indicator (KPI) for your practice, but do you know why your patients accept, deny and/or follow through on treatment? With better data and analysis, you can analyze these trends and increase your treatment acceptance rate.

The new era of data analysis

Analyzing data is the new norm for business. Its application to the healthcare industry — including dentistry — is helping improve treatment presentations and care delivery. To begin analyzing the data in your practice with a view toward improving treatment acceptance, consider the following questions:

  • What is the ratio of treatment presentations to treatment acceptance?
  • What trends can be observed relative to treatment that patients accept or choose not to accept?
  • What can you learn and apply to better prepare for treatment presentations that lead to increased acceptance?

Once you have identified the practice data related to treatment and acceptance, you can then “drill-down” into data specifics, such as:

  • Patient information such as age, gender, general health and insurance. Compare this with appointment frequency, treatment acceptance and treatment follow-through.
  • Date ranges where treatment acceptance is high or low.
  • Seasonal or societal challenges that may skew data.
  • Patient data relative to hygiene and restorative treatment. Hygiene reappointments can give you insight into who’s accepting treatment.

You’ll also want to learn from your team. They regularly hear feedback from patients. Gather that information and look for trends.

Finally, analyze patient reviews to determine what’s driving satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction.

With all this information, you can then begin to refine your treatment presentation for improved acceptance.

Easier access to data via an all-in-one dental dashboard

This process may seem overwhelming, or you may not feel comfortable identifying and analyzing the data in your practice. Software like Jarvis Analytics for Private Practices provides a dental dashboard that tracks the important metrics in your practice and helps you stay on track with your goals.

The Jarvis dashboard gives you a real-time view of your practice data, helps you find hidden production opportunities and fill your schedule. With Jarvis Analytics, your data becomes the engine for your growth. Schedule a demo today at

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