Keep your chin up, neck straight and eyes forward with Infinity VUE

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Keep your chin up, neck straight and eyes forward with Infinity VUE

Infinity VUE loupes, one of many new innovations available from Designs for Vision, are designed to help improve posture. (Photo: Designs for Vision)

Tue. 31 August 2021


Designs for Vision has several new and innovative products, including Infinity VUE, Panoramic Field and REVEAL.

Designed to provide a straightforward approach to ergonomics, Infinity VUE loupes are available in 3.0x and 3.5x magnification. Infinity VUE (Vision Up Ergonomics) keeps your chin up, your neck straight and your eyes forward while viewing the magnified oral cavity. Designs for Vision invites you to try these loupes on to see (and feel) the difference in your posture.

The new patented Panoramic Field Loupes (U.S. pat. 8928975B2) represent the most significant advancement in telescope design in more than 100 years, according to the company. The viewable areas are twice as large as prismatic expanded field designed loupes and up to five times greater than Galilean loupes. Panoramic Field loupes provide unprecedented field of view, clarity, definition and color, the company says.

Designs for Vision has also launched its groundbreaking REVEAL (U.S. pat. 10215977B1), providing hands-free fluorescence enhanced theragnosis (FET). According to the company, REVEAL supplies the visual information to support decision making and facilitate proper treatment options in cariology, oral hygiene, periodontology-implantology and restorative dentistry.

Designs for Vision is also introducing the patented intuitive response technology with the Micro IR HDi headlight (U.S. pat. 8,851,709 and RE46,463). The patented IR feature allows you to operate the headlight with hands-free operation. Onboard biometrics sense the position of the headlight to turn the light on when you are working and turn the light off when you look up.

Designs for Vision’s WireLess headlights free you from being tethered to a battery pack. The simple modular designs uncouple the headlights from a specific frame or single pair of loupes. The compact design of the LED DayLite WireLess headlights are independent of any frame/loupes.

(Source: Designs for Vision)

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