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Health care’s first decentralized peer-to-peer platform

Dental Equities is working to lead a global shift in lending practices and pass these savings to Americans. (Photo: Nikolay Misharev,

Tue. 4 November 2014


Recognizing that millions of Americans cannot access the care they need at affordable rates, Dental Equities has announced the launch of its premiere peer-to-peer health-care financing platform, Patient Advance. Because of post 2008–2009 recession regulations, banks have less capital to loan, which has increased the need for alternative lenders. By moving lending online, Dental Equities can generate cost advantages of more than 400 basis points compared to traditional banks.

Branch office operations consume up to 35 percent of their total operational expenditures. Moreover, their organizational practices are less efficient than today's online marketplaces. This built-in cost advantage will enable Dental Equities to out-compete retail banks on price.

According to some experts’ estimates, banks, credit cards and other lending institutions generate $870 billion-plus each year in fees and interest from more than $3.2 trillion in lending activity. It is estimated that more than $1 trillion in loans will be made between peers in this emerging marketplace.

Looking to promote a much-needed financing platform for affordable health care, Dental Equities is working to lead this global shift in lending practices and pass these savings, speed of service and access to tens of millions of Americans who need health-care services not covered by their existing insurance carriers or the Affordable Care Act.

When asked about the first of its kind decentralized platform, Dental Equities founder Dr. Kianor Shah stated: “As a result of globalization and peer-to-peer integration led by technology, collaboration is the logical answer to the unjust corporatization of medicine and health care.”

Dental Equities’ mission is to elevate the professionalism of health-care providers, enabling them to remain independent and able to provide services their patients demand and require. In addition to Patient Advance, Dental Equities is also offering additional financial services and educational resources via its other sister brands, such as Doctors Club and Doctor Advance.

Dental Equities, LLC is a private equity limited liability company founded and led by Shah, its chairman. Dental Equities provides a decentralized peer-to-peer platform where dental professionals unite administratively, academically and financially for the benefit of patients as well as dental professionals.

(Source: Dental Equities)

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