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Head to Austin for the ADSO Summit this March

Andrew Smith is executive director of the Association of Dental Support Organizations. (Photo: ADSO)
Andrew Smith, ADSO Executive Director

Andrew Smith, ADSO Executive Director

Sat. 19 February 2022


The ADSO Summit is back. This March, the dental industry will gather in Austin, Texas, for this stand-out event that brings innovation, connection and empowerment to the forefront. Industry professionals from across the world are attending in an effort to continue the path of success they have paved in the field of oral healthcare.

With the ever-changing landscape of our industry, and the recent upheaval our world has undergone, business success hasn’t come easy. This year’s summit features tech entrepreneur and author Suneel Gupta, who will share his own experience with success and, along the way, his many encounters with failure.

Gupta is a Harvard faculty member and the co-founder and former CEO of RISE, a telehealth service that provides low-cost health and nutrition services. He sold RISE to One Medical but not before experiencing professional failure again and again. In his bestselling book, “Backable,” Gupta shares his personal journey from failure to success, as well as how to pitch new ideas to a diverse audience. His presentation at the summit is made possible by membersy.

Each day, dentists interact with diverse groups of stakeholders, including patients, support staff and the various departments that comprise each dental support organization. Understanding how to navigate these relationships and come away with “backing” from your stakeholders is the key to long-term success.

In addition to Gupta, I am also looking forward to hearing from innovator and futurist Kevin Surace, a technical pioneer with 93 worldwide patents and contributor to the creation of the first cellular data smartphone. Sponsored by DentalMonitoring, Surace has been recognized as Inc. Magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year and CNBC’s Innovator of the Decade. Surace has also served as a keynote speaker for INC5000 and the U.S. Congress and has given countless TED talks.

Rounding out our headline speakers is Connor Lokar, an economist and forecasting expert who helps businesses not only remain profitable but thrive in an ever-changing business world. Lokar will assess business demand for 2022 into 2023 and the key leading indicators that foretell the upcoming cyclical turns in the economy and markets.

He will also explore the potential opportunities and risks in terms of consumer trends, market opportunities, labor issues, production costs and government initiatives.

I am thrilled for what lies ahead for our attendees at this year’s summit. Our sold-out floor of more than 80 exhibitors will provide ample opportunities to explore the industry’s latest tools and technologies. Dental industry professionals can zero in on their organization’s interests and growth needs with the reintroduction of our ever-popular educational tracks. Experience customized sessions in marketing, clinical leadership, HR, finance/M&A and operations/IT.

I look forward to seeing Association of Dental Support Organizations members, non-members and students come together in one place to learn, share and experience what’s on the dental horizon.

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