Ease your aches and pains with better chairs, arm support

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Ease your aches and pains with better chairs, arm support


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To try out RGP clinician and hygiene chairs for yourself, visit the company at the next dental meeting. (Source: RGP)

Tue. 12 October 2021


The phrase “pain in the neck” is probably not just used metaphorically by most dentists. In fact, studies in recent years have shown upwards of 75 percent of dentists say that the profession takes a real toll on the human body.

The demanding and unnatural postural positions and steady hand-and-arm precision required for dentistry can cause severe damage to the musculoskeletal system, these studies have shown. In particular, the neck, back and arms are the areas most at risk for injury and fatigue as related to dentistry, according to RGP.

To combat this, RGP has been providing innovative ergonomic-support options for the dentist since 1995.

If you have before never considered using RGP chairs and arm supports to help with your pain and posture, or if you would like to prevent these things from creeping up on you down the line, visit the company at the next dental meeting you attend.

All RGP products come with a 30-day trial period. If you give any of these products a try, RGP says you won’t regret it.

(Source: RGP)

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