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Maintain unlimited arm motion with the Posiflex Arm System

Dr. Peter Rusanen of Finland uses the Posiflex Arm System. (Photo: RGP)

Wed. 18 December 2019


RGP is closing in on its 26th year in business. It seems like just yesterday the company was introducing the dental community to its Relax and Hydro Armrests. Right from inception, dental professionals near and far understood the importance of taking the load off of their arms and back, the company declares, adding that RGP was there to help.

In its constant pursuit of innovation and excellence in the seating industry, RGP has recently added the Posiflex Arm Supports to its line of seating options for the dental community. These arms have been around for years but have been available only through certain dealers and mostly outside of the United States.

RGP is proud to announce that it now offers the Posiflex Arm System as a great compliment to any of its stools. The Posiflex Arms also adapt to any non-RGP brand stool as well.

Available in dual or single, the Posiflex Armrest is a dynamic armrest that allows the user unlimited motion in one or both arms, according to the company. In and out, left to right, circular and much more, the Posiflex Armrest literally follow users wherever their arms go.

With tension motion adjustments, height markers to mark the height of the arms and a soft arm gel pad that can be used for an elbow or forearm rest, the Posiflex Armrest is a great option for people who want fluid and unrestricted support at times but also like stable support here and there as well, the company asserts.

The sleek design keeps the overall chair dimensions at a minimum, which is always important in a dental operatory, according to the company.

RGP President Kevin Amaral was asked about the impact these armrests have made for his customers.

He said: "The Posiflex Arm system has really complimented our stools nicely. People have come to understand that we offer a premium dental stool that is leaps and bounds above your everyday run-of-the-mill dental stool. It was only right that we added the Posiflex Arms to our line, and the response and feedback from our customers has been wonderful."

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