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28 earn AACD accreditation: largest class in history

Only 331 dental professionals worldwide have achieved AACD accreditation. (DTI/Photo AACD)


Wed. 13 April 2011


MADISON, WI: The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) announced that 28 dental professionals have recently been awarded accreditation status. There are only 331 dental professionals worldwide who have achieved this prestigious honor, having reached this achievement after completing a rigorous credentialing process including a written examination, oral examination and the submission of clinical cases for peer-reviewed evaluation.

This is the largest group to be awarded the coveted AACD credential to date.

These professionals practice internationally and in the United States. The newly accredited AACD members are:

  • R. Steven Ballback, DDS
  • Angela Britt, DMD
  • Randall S. Burba, DMD
  • Stephen D. Doan, DMD
  • Juan M. Escobar, CDT
  • Henry F. Evans, DMD
  • Craig P. Goldin, DDS
  • Prashant A. Hatkar, BDS, MDS
  • Ross S. Headley, DDS
  • James C. Hodge, Jr., DDS
  • Gary R. Hubbard, DDS
  • Donald M. Jayne, DDS
  • Michael J. Koczarski, DDS
  • Ryan Langer
  • Gerard J. Lemongello, Jr., DMD
  • Dianna Lenick, DDS
  • Elizabeth L. Lowery, DDS
  • Adamo E. Notarantonio, DDS
  • Jason S. Olitsky, DMD
  • Nicholas J. Pournaras, DMD
  • Denise L. Quitter
  • James D. Salazar, DDS
  • Naoki Ned Shimizu, DDS
  • Robert E. Stafford, DDS
  • Shoji Suruga, CDT
  • Nathalie Vachon, DMD
  • Mark B. Whaley, DDS
  • Barbara Warner Wojdan, CDT

The accreditation process, which was developed by the AACD and is the world’s most recognized advanced credentialing program, encourages further education, interaction with like-minded colleagues and the opportunity for professional growth. Accreditation requires dedication to continuing education and responsible patient care.

“We are honored to welcome these professionals to the ranks of AACD accredited members,” said Dr Nils Olson, chairperson for AACD Accreditation.

“Accredited dentists and laboratory technicians are the most passionate and committed dental professionals. Those who have achieved accreditation have improved their skills, acquired new techniques and can provide their patients with better care and services.

“They understand that a smile is more than just an anatomical part, it’s an expression of who their patients are,” Olson added.

The 28 newly accredited dental professionals will receive their recognition and award at a special ceremony during the 27th Annual AACD Scientific Session, to be held May 18–21 in Boston.

About the AACD

The AACD is the world’s largest non-profit member organization dedicated to advancing excellence in comprehensive oral care that combines art and science to optimally improve dental health, esthetics and function.

Composed of more than 6,300 cosmetic dental professionals in 70 countries worldwide, the AACD fulfills its mission by offering superior educational opportunities, promoting and supporting a respected accreditation credential, serving as a user-friendly and inviting forum for the creative exchange of knowledge and ideas, and providing accurate and useful information to the public and the profession.


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