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12 practices will receive free practice management consulting

Ann Hochman of P&G, left, Dr Roger Levin of Levin Group, Vero Sanchez of P&G, and Steve Pospisil of Levin Group at the recent Greater New York Dental Meeting.
Robin Goodman, DTA

Robin Goodman, DTA

Mon. 21 December 2009


NEW YORK, NY, USA: Procter & Gamble Oral Health announced during the recent Greater New York Dental Meeting that it is collaborating with Levin Group to offer dental practices a chance to win in the Dream Practice Sweepstakes.

During the six months of the promotion, 12 winners will receive a yearlong Levin Group Total Practice Success Management Consulting Program.

Two dental practices will be randomly selected every month from all entries.

When asked where the impetus came from to offer such a sweepstakes, Associate Marketing Director of P&G Oral Health Ann Hochman replied: “We really want to see professionals thrive, particularly in this economy. We are committed to seeing patients and practices succeed. Healthy offices are tightly linked to healthy patients.”

And, of course, healthy offices are what Levin Group is all about. Dr Roger Levin explained that winners will receive the entire consulting program as if they had approached Levin Group directly. So it’s not a diluted or condensed version, but rather the complete consulting program that gives them the best chance of increasing production and reaching total success.

“We are delighted to be working on behalf of Procter & Gamble,” Dr Levin said.

The Levin Group Total Practice Success Management is designed to help a practice identify objectives in 12 specific areas and to attain each one of them.

The 12 areas include: case acceptance, case presentation, change management, communication, executive coaching, financial planning, goals and Life Map, hygiene productivity, patient finance, scheduling, team building and vision.

Each month, a winner will be chosen and the slate of submitted entries will be wiped clean to start all over again the next month.

Procter & Gamble Oral Health is highly focused on total patient solutions, and Hochman said the company felt it had to do more for the professional.

“This really feels right, to do more for the professional community. Our focus is total office health as well as patient health. We are thrilled to partner with Levin Group for the Dream Practice Sweepstakes,” Hochman said.

From its side of this partnership, P&G brings its well-established Pro-Health System — a three-step hygiene regime — to the aid of dental professionals seeking to bring all-day and all-night protection to their patients.

To enter the contest, visit or contact Procter & Gamble Oral Health or Levin Group.

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