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MIS Implants poised for growth in 2014 with new products, team

MIS products are sold globally in more than 60 countries. (Photo: MIS Implants Technologies)
Dental Tribune USA

Dental Tribune USA

Tue. 11 March 2014


NEW YORK, N.Y., USA: Since establishing the U.S. distributorship of MIS Implants Technologies more than 10 years ago, CEO Motti Weisman has led the company to experience significant growth year after year. This year, however, is one with even greater potential as the company expands with new products and a growing team of outside sales representatives.

One of the most exciting innovations that the company launched recently is the MGuide guided surgery system. It has already received enthusiastic reviews by the doctors who have used this service, according to MIS.

There is no initial investment in software, as it does not need to be purchased. The planning is done by the doctor and MCenter technicians. The doctor provides specific digital files and impressions or stone models. This data is transferred to the advanced MGuide software, and a phone appointment is then scheduled between the doctor and the MCenter technician.

At this time the technician “shares” his computer screen so the doctor can direct the planning process. Once the plan is approved, the surgical stent is then manufactured in-house in a state-of-the-art 3-D printer. Metal sleeves are attached, and the case is ready to be shipped.

The MGuide surgical stent is unique in a number of ways, MIS says. The stent is designed to be as open as possible to facilitate improved visibility and irrigation. Also, there are no “keys” through which the osteotomy is traditionally created. Instead, those metal sleeves are preset to the precise height to achieve the predetermined depth of the osteotomy.

The implant itself can also be placed through the stent, if the clinician desires. Without those keys, there is greater access to the posterior section of the mouth. Additional information and videos can be seen at

The MIS regenerative portfolio has also recently grown. Partnering with TissueNet of Orlando, Fla., MIS has now added allograft products that include cortical cancellous and cortico/cancellous products. These are packaged in vials ranging from .25 cc (perfect for a small single tooth extraction) to 5 cc in volume. There are also xenografts as well as synthetic products in its 4Bone line.

The BondBone product, a unique biphasic calcium sulfate grafting material, is composed of a proprietary combination of hemihydrate and dihydrate calcium sulfate powder. Preset seed particles allow it to set in the mouth without being affected by blood or saliva. It can be used as a standalone product or as part of a composite graft with other granular grafting materials. When used in the latter manner, it acts like a cement, bonding the normally transient particles to the recipient site.

The MIS sales force also saw expansion during the past year as new territories were added in multiple states. Along with new field representatives, the sales management team has also grown.

Three new regional managers have been added to oversee their local representatives. All regional managers came to the company with strong dental implant management experience and are an excellent resource for the newer as well as experienced reps. The managers as well as several of the newer reps have already successfully completed training in Israel as well as training in the U.S. corporate offices.

MIS Implants Technologies is first and foremost a dental implant company. Its flagship Seven system continues to benefit doctors by offering a high-quality product with a wide variety of restorative options. Single, multi-unit, custom abutments and more are all options with this system.

Newer to the MIS family of implants is the C1 system. This features a conical connection and platform switching. Simplicity is key for all MIS products and the C1 with its simple surgical kit is no exception.

MIS products are sold globally in more than 60 countries, making it one of the largest dental implant companies in the industry. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing and research and development facility in Israel, MIS is poised to continue to increase its market share with new and innovative products.

Weisman is dedicated to offering excellent products and service. As MIS’ team has noted: It is no wonder that a company with his leadership is on such a growth trajectory.

(Source: MIS Implants Technologies)

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